Multi-function GPS tracker. Its main advantage is that this model does not require the use of a SIM card or mobile subscription. It works with low consumption networks which allows a GPS location without distance limit. A 3 year network subscription is offered with your GPS tracker!

-Instantly locate your scooter or bike via the mobile application.

-Real-time anti-theft alert in case of suspicious movement or attempted theft.

-Receive notifications when your scooter or bike is moving.

-Define zones and receive notifications when your scooter or bike enters or leaves them.

Battery life is up to 6 months, charging time by USB cable only 1 hour.

CHF 149.00

Free delivery !


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The Compact GPS Tracker has no distance restriction. Equipped with a GPS chip of the latest generation. You can track the geographical position of your electric scooter or bicycle precisely and in real time.

This elegant and slim GPS tracker in its black color is therefore multifunctional. It works without using a SIM card or mobile subscription. Once installed, the tracker can detect vibrations in order to warn you so that you can intervene in good time. It also serves as an anti-degradation alarm as it alerts you of movement (bumped into / knocked down) when stowed or parked.

You can instantly locate your electric scooter or ebike via the mobile application. Receive a real-time theft warning in the event of suspicious movements or attempted theft and receive notifications when your scooter or bike is moving Set alarm zones such as "home", "office" or "school". You don't need to touch your electrical harness to add a GPS tracker to your vehicle, or to keep the battery connected or to wire the tracker.

This tracker does not need any cabling as it is completely energy-independent. The battery works during 6 months and only takes 1 hour to charge.

Without a SIM card or mobile subscription, this tracker uses low-consumption networks (3-year subscription included in the price).


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