The foldable e-bike MATE X



The foldable e-bike MATE X was developed by the Danish company It is a foldable electric bike suitable for daily city and off-road use.


The MATE X e-bike is powered by a powerful 250-watt motor, which allows the rider to effortlessly climb steep hills and also cover longer distances. The engine can reach a maximum speed of 25 km/h. The foldable e-bike MATE X has a removable lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 17 Ah, which allows the rider a range of up to 95 km.

The battery can be fully charged in just 6 hours. The e-bike is foldable and can be folded into a compact size in minutes, which can be easily transported and stored. It is also equipped with an integrated display that shows the driver speed, mileage and battery level.

The foldable e-bike MATE X has a robust aluminum alloy construction and is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes that ensure reliable braking performance. It also has an 8-speed gearbox that allows the rider to adjust the speed and adapt to different terrain conditions.


What are the advantages of the foldable e-bike MATE X?

  1. Environmental friendliness: The Mate X electric bike is more environmentally friendly than cars or motorcycles because it produces no harmful emissions and uses no fossil fuels.
  2. Efficiency: The electric drive allows the bike to ride faster and lighter than traditional bikes without the rider exerting too much effort. This makes it an ideal mode of transport for commuters who want to get to work or school quickly and comfortably.
  3. Flexibility: The MATE X foldable e-bike is foldable, so it can be easily transported in a car or public transport. It's also light enough to carry and store on stairs or in tight spaces.
  4. Powerful: The Mate X has a powerful motor and a large battery that enable high speed and a long range. This makes it ideal for longer tours or off-road adventures.
  5. Safety: The Mate X is equipped with LED headlights and taillights that ensure high visibility and safety when driving at night or in low light conditions.



Is the Mate X e-bike street legal in Switzerland?

The electric bike Mate X usually meets the requirements for road approval in Switzerland, provided it meets certain criteria. However, the exact regulations may vary from canton to canton.

In general, the following criteria apply to electric bicycles in Switzerland:

  • The motor may have a maximum power of 500 watts.
  • The maximum speed must not exceed 25 km/h.
  • The bicycle must be equipped with pedals and the rider must be pedaling to activate the motor.
  • Certain equipment such as lights, brakes, bells, etc. must be present.

The Mate X generally meets these criteria, but it's important to note that some models may not meet some of these requirements or may require special approval.


How was the Mate X developed?

The Mate X e-bike was developed by a Danish company called The company was founded in 2016 by Christian Adel Michael and Julie Kronstrøm Carton, who set out to produce affordable, high-quality e-bikes suitable for everyday use.

The development of the Mate X e-bike started in 2017 and lasted about a year. The company has created and tested various prototypes to ensure that the e-bike meets customers' requirements. The Mate X was finally launched in 2018 and has garnered a huge following ever since.

The foldable e-bike MATE X is characterized by its robust construction, its long range and its many practical functions. It's foldable, which means it's easy to transport and store, and it has a powerful motor that allows the rider to scale hills with ease.

The e-bike also has an integrated display that shows the rider speed, mileage and other important information. The company has also launched a crowdfunding campaign to fund the Mate X e-bike, raising more than three times its original goal.


In summary, the MATE X foldable e-bike is a powerful and reliable e-bike suitable for everyday urban and off-road use. It is foldable, has a long range and is equipped with a variety of features that make cycling a pleasant experience.



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