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Electric scooters have become a popular mode of transportation, offering a convenient and eco-friendly alternative to urban commuting. But did you know that unlocking your electric scooter can give you additional benefits? In this article, we'll explore why unlock the speed of your electric scooter can improve your riding experience and help you get to your destinations faster.


Our repair shops have in-depth technical expertise in electric scooters. We understand the internal mechanics of these vehicles and are able to make the necessary modifications to unlock specific models. Our skilled team are trained to make these adjustments in a precise and safe manner, ensuring the scooter remains in full working order after unlocking the speed. We remind you, however, that following an unlock of an electric scooter at more than 22 Kmh and / or 500 Watts the vehicle is no longer authorized on public roads and must only be driven on private roads / race tracks.


A/ Advantages of having your electric scooter speed-unlocked:


1/ Increased speed:

One of the main benefits of unlock the speed of your electric scooter is the increase in speed. Electric scooters are generally limited in terms of maximum speed for safety reasons. However, by removing this limit, you can enjoy faster acceleration and higher top speed. This will allow you to cover longer distances in less time, making your daily commute a more efficient and enjoyable experience.


2/ Improved performance:

Unlock the speed of your electric scooter can also improve its overall performance. By removing speed restrictions, you get better engine efficiency, which translates to quicker throttle response. You'll be able to climb slopes more easily and tackle difficult terrain with more confidence. Additionally, an unlocked e-scooter may offer a slightly improved range, as you'll use less energy to reach higher speeds.


3/ Increased flexibility:

Unlocking your electric scooter also gives you greater flexibility in your daily use. For example, if you are late for an important meeting or appointment, the extra speed will allow you to arrive on time. Plus, if you need to travel long distances on a regular basis, the unbridled scooter can become a truly viable mode of transportation, saving you the hassle of traffic jams and crowded public transportation.


B/ The disadvantages of having your electric scooter unlocked:


1/ Swiss regulations:

In Switzerland, electric scooters are considered light electric vehicles and are subject to specific regulations. According to Swiss law, electric scooters are limited to a maximum speed of 20 km/h + 10% tolerance, i.e. a total of 22 km/h. Unlocking the speed, i.e. modifying the scooter to exceed this speed limit, is strictly prohibited. Swiss authorities consider this a violation of traffic regulations and offenders can face fines and legal consequences.


2/ Reasons for the regulation:

The strict regulations regarding the unlocking of electric scooters in Switzerland are mainly related to safety reasons. The maximum speed of 22 km/h has been determined to ensure the safety of users and other road users. Unbridling an electric scooter can dramatically increase its speed, which can make riding dangerous, especially in busy urban areas. By maintaining a reasonable speed limit, the Swiss authorities seek to reduce the risk of accidents and ensure everyone's safety.


C/ Legal alternatives:

Although unlocking electric scooters is not allowed in Switzerland, there are other ways to improve your riding experience. You can opt for electric scooter models that meet Swiss regulations but offer advanced features like better climbing power (VSETT 8+ or VSETT 9+), better battery life like 100+ Km of the VSETT 10+, a better suspension or a better braking system. You can also customize your scooter with accessories such as additional lighting, a smartphone holder or a seat, for a more comfortable and convenient riding experience.



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