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The flat tire is, after the flat battery, the most common problem that owners of an electric scooter can encounter. Got a flat tire, a battery problem, or any other issue with your electric scooter? Electric scooter tire repair service; Do not hesitate to contact the experts at KissMyWheels by phone or on Whatsapp at 0763876881


The reasons for a flat tire

A puncture can obviously occur when driving over a sharp object (a nail forgotten on the road or a shard of glass). The direct impact on the tire, for example by passing an obstacle a little too quickly (sidewalk, ledge, etc.) is also a frequent source of punctures. It causes sudden pinching of the inner tube which can cause the tire to burst. Finally, when the tire is already worn, it becomes more vulnerable to all incidents and it can therefore burst very easily.
The puncture is sometimes very visible to the user, when the tire is completely torn. It is sometimes more devious, with a tire apparently intact, but which in fact deflates slowly. In all cases, the puncture is easily identified by degraded handling. Often an electric scooter that pulls sideways for no apparent reason.
If in doubt, the safest way is to call in a professional like the dynamic professionals at KissMyWheels to repair the tire of your electric scooter! If you want to repair your electric scooter yourself, you will find the tubes and tires for sale on our site:

Spare parts electric scooter


Repairing the tire of an electric scooter

Depending on the condition of your electric scooter tire, our specialists can repair or change your scooter tire. Better to get a new one right away! The tire is an essential element of electric scooter safety. It is essential to ride with tires in good condition to make the most of your electric scooter. Do not hesitate to consult the experienced experts of KissMyWheels, for a reliable repair of your electric scooter and its tire!


Full tire for electric scooter

reifen xiaomi mi

Tired of punctures with your electric scooter? One option is to install solid tires, that is, tires that do not have an inner tube and therefore no longer risk puncturing.
However, these solid tires have three disadvantages:
-The driving is less pleasant since there is no longer an inner tube to absorb the vibrations of the road.
-Solid tires tend to slip a little more easily on wet roads.
-The vibrations are more important therefore will damage the mechanics and electronics of your electric scooter faster.

Do you have other repair needs? You will find in the blog below more information about our services:

BLOG: Repair service for electric scooter


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