Most suitable electric scooters while driving up-hill


Thinking of getting an electric scooter, but wondering if it will handle the slopes? No problem… If you know which one to choose! Discover here all our advice for investing in an electric scooter capable of driving up-hill.

Electric scooter slopes; Do you live in an area where the slopes are not too important? Opt for a classic electric scooter with a power of at least 350 watts (suitable for an adult of around 75 kg). This should allow you to face light to medium slopes without great difficulty, benefiting from a good start-up recovery as well as a certain driving comfort. On the other hand, if you live in a hilly area - or want to drive on steep roads - you will need excellent acceleration, and therefore choose a minimum power of 500 watts.
For example, someone living in a city like Lausanne or Bern will need power and speed when tackling certain steep slopes. Otherwise, there is a risk of losing speed during the climb (or even, of finishing your journey by pushing the scooter with your foot!). Indeed, the more the motor of your electric scooter will be powerful, the more it will be able to drive up the hills without difficulty; it will also lose less speed when tackling smaller slopes.



The many advantages of powerful electric scooters:

With a powerful electric scooter (500 watts and up), you won't lose too much speed on steep climbs. In addition, using it on the flat will also only offer benefits: your scooter will be faster and will benefit from more dynamic acceleration. If you are a tall or heavyweight person, a powerful model is also highly recommended.
By opting for a slightly more “all-terrain” electric scooter (models equipped with motors of 1000 watts minimum), you can also try off-road use: let yourself be tempted by off-road rides, countryside or in the woods; overcome bumps or small obstacles without difficulty; increase your speed to offer yourself some pleasant sensations of sliding… The advantages are numerous!

Good to know :

Thanks to wheels suitable for off-road rides, you can use your scooter off-road and climb steeper slopes more easily. KissMyWheels can fit off-road tires on many models of electric scooters, such as the INOKIM OX Hero or the INOKIM OXO (not approved for Switzerland): contact us to find out more!

Criteria to be taken into account to optimize its performance on hills:


By opting for an electric scooter with good range, you can travel in peace on steep roads. Indeed, the autonomy announced by the manufacturers is always calculated on flat roads: it will therefore be reduced during regular use in hilly areas.

-Adapted load capacity:

The load weight applied to the electric scooter is one of the factors that can potentially decrease your speed while climbing. It is therefore important to choose an electric scooter that can support your weight. (especially if you are tall or heavy) in order to benefit from the best performance.

-Take care of your tires and battery Before driving:

Remember to check that your battery is correctly charged, but also that your tires are sufficiently inflated to give you the best grip: this will allow you to tackle all types of slopes faster and more efficiently.

Some models of electric scooters suitable for hilly regions:
Electric scooters are not all equal when it comes to the differences in height in certain cities or regions of Switzerland. Since some perform better than others. Choose the model that best suits your needs.


To help you make your choice, discover below a small selection of electric scooters capable of tackling more or less steep slopes:

INOKIM Quick 4 Super

Available in speed locked version or road legal for Switzerland
Maximum speed: 20 km / h (40 km / h in unlocked version)
Motor: 500 W (600 W in unlocked version)
Range: up to 50 km
Maximum load: 110 kg
10 inch tires


Available in speed locked version or road legal for Switzerland
Maximum speed: 20 km / h (40 km / h in unlocked version)
Motor: 500 W (700 W in unlocked version)
Range: up to 50 km
Maximum load: 110 kg
8 inch tires


Available in speed locked version or road legal for Switzerland
Maximum speed: 40 km / h (unlocked version)
Motor: 1200 W
Range: up to 60 km
Maximum load: 100 kg
8.5 inch solid tires

To discover even more models of electric scooters, visit our online catalog:
Electric Scooters Catalog

Reminders on Swiss legislation

For everyone's safety, it is mandatory to use an approved electric scooter if you wish to travel on the roads or cycle paths of Switzerland (sidewalks prohibited). For this, the power of your engine must be 500 watts at most. The speed must be restricted so as not to exceed 20 km / h when traveling. In addition, your electric scooter must be equipped with a bell, braking systems on both wheels, as well as front and rear lights.


Road legal or not, there are many electric scooters with sufficient power to allow you to use it without difficulty on the hilly roads of Switzerland. We invite you to discover them on our site. Learn more about this trendy means of transport by browsing our blog section. The entire KissMyWheels team is also available to help you choose the best model of electric scooter suitable for use on slopes. Do not hesitate to contact us!



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