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Today KissMyWheels invites you to discover the advantages of buying an electric scooter in Switzerland. Indeed, many people think of this means of transport to overcome several obstacles. On the one hand, the loss of time and on the other hand, the ever-increasing price on fuel and public transport.

What if we changed the course of transport history together?

Yes, that is our ambition at KissMyWheels. A fairly visionary ambition which is confirmed by an unprecedented enthusiasm for electric scooters in Switzerland. Together we will change the course of the history of daily travel.

Experience stress-free daily commutes

Would you like to start your days without stress? With a smile at the idea of ​​finally breathing fresh air between your home and your workplace?
Because this is one of the main comments that our customers make to us. Sylvain tells us this. “For the past month, I have been getting up with a smile. I wanted to buy an electric scooter. Now I come to the office with better energy. Standing on my scooter has nothing to do with the 45 minutes I spent sitting on the tram.”
For Isabelle, it is above all the fact of breathing freely. “I was starting to find these long journeys in traffic jams really unbearable. On an electric scooter, I choose my route with greater freedom, and I arrive at work with a completely different mindset. I love to breathe freely in the morning air on my commute between home and work.”

Time saving over most distances

But the time benefit is certainly the most notable for our customers. Véronique tells us that she saves 10 minutes every day on her daily travel time. Victor is doing even better with a gain of an hour and a half over his entire week.
Having the option to put a basket on the scooter allows you to take a detour to the supermarket before heading home. It's really great to do full days without a car. *

The maximum speed of 20 km/h of road legal electric scooters is not an obstacle to saving time on urban journeys. Because in reality, the good organization of cycle paths in Switzerland will allow you to avoid those long minutes that become hours, to be stuck in road traffic. A great reason to buy an electric scooter.

What are the household budget savings?

Now, beyond the physical and mental well-being of using the electric scooter, it is obvious that most of our customers come to this means of transport for budget reasons.

Energy consumption

The exorbitant price of gasoline (Diesel or Unleaded) makes this question even more pressing today. With the price of gasoline at 1.70 CHF if the kilometers are swallowed up quickly over the weeks, an electric scooter will be more of an investment than an expense.
100 km at 5 liters on average (we choose to make this estimate without inflating the figures with a large SUV, imagine a city car). That's 8.5 CHF for 100km. That is 0.085 CHF per kilometer.
This same km costs 0.01 CHF! Or 1.00 CHF for 100km
We also talk about it in this article

TOP 10 best reasons to drive an electric scooter in Switzerland


It is obvious that the electric scooter does not escape the reality of natural wear. But here again, the annual maintenance budget is infinitely less important than for any other thermal vehicle. Already, when you buy your scooter at KissMyWheels you benefit from a 24 month warranty, and 6 months on the battery.
Equipment such as brakes, tyres, lights and battery are permanently in stock in our workshops to allow you to drive the same day or the day after your visit to the workshop. Maintenance costs are approximately CHF 20 / month.

Are KissMyWheels electric bikes right for you?

Now let's take a closer look at whether you have the profile to be a scooter user. Objectively, there is almost a 99% chance that this is the case.

Benefits on physical posture

Yes, in addition to all these health benefits for your wallet, you will have a gain in physical energy.
There you say to yourself, well no, it's not a bike anyway. Well think again! The muscles of the back and the tone of the pelvis are really solicited by the scooter. 20 km/h is super fast actually, and attention and alertness alone keep you very sharp on the board.
Many of our clients tell us about regained abs, and back pain that disappeared after a few weeks of practicing this new means of transport.
Well, you won't have chocolate bar abs just with your daily movements, but it's a real physiological benefit.

The pleasure of breathing between home and work

We were talking about it at the beginning of this article, but here is a new reminder shot 🙂

This is another benefit noted by our customers who have taken the plunge to buy an electric scooter. Because if we look at everyday life with the tram, the bus or the car, we spend all our days in a closed environment. The brain and the body are the first beneficiaries of the scooter.

And that can impact your overall energy. Coming home with a free spirit, having been able to breathe and take a break from your working day.
This is again often the feedback from our customers who have better energy in the evening and on weekends.

Models for every type of use

Now there are many electric scooters. And your need will be the essential criterion for identifying the model that is right for you. Here you will find our entire product range.

Occasional use

If, for example, you commute and go to work or visit your customers occasionally, the entry-level models will be suitable for you.
Or if you are not sure yet, start with a first model that represents a reasonable investment.

Frequent use

On the other hand, if you already know that the electric scooter will replace your vehicle, we offer you a choice of more robust and also more comfortable scooters. This will be played out in terms of the comfort of the shock absorbers, the wheels and also on the aesthetics of the model itself.

Mix between urban and rural areas

This is also where the type of tires and shock absorbers come into play. Come visit us in our shops or call us to identify the model or models that will be most suitable for you.

See you soon for a new article from the KissMyWheels team.



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