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What are the technical characteristics for an electric scooter to be approved in Switzerland? And of course, what are the benefits of riding an electric scooter in Switzerland today?

What is the legislation in Switzerland for approval?

First of all, a little reminder of the legislation, anyone? There are two entities in Switzerland dealing with this subject.

The OETVE (Ordinance concerning the Technical Requirements for Road Vehicles) is available on the website of the Swiss Confederation,
The OFROU (Federal Roads Office) is also an actor in Swiss legislation concerning electric scooters.
Electric scooters are thus classified in the category “Light mopeds” as single-seat vehicles with electric propulsion.

Benefits of the scooter

So if you want to take the plunge, you might as well do it while respecting federal legislation, right? Thanks to your next road legal electric scooter, you will be able to move in a way:
- silent (your ears will finally taste the sound of the wind)
- ecological (it's a very actual topic, isn't it?)
- and agile (time saving and benefits of physical posture)
A new mobility, independent and economical, awaits you at KissMyWheels.

The 5 essential criteria for certification

A road legal electric scooter must meet these criteria, among others, to receive approval in Switzerland:
-Motor power not exceeding 500 Watts in total
-Maximum speed of 20 Km/h
-Rear light
-Front and rear brake (of which at least one must act by friction)
-A doorbell
As you can see for yourself, these criteria clearly emphasize safety. Both the driver and other road users.

But you may have winced while reading the first two. Engine power and maximum speed. Yes, although the question of raising the speed to 25 km / h is regularly raised, to date approval rhymes with a slight extension of travel time.
But let's re-emphasize an important principle. Relativity! If you practice a little sport you will still realize that driving at 20 an hour is still fast. Whether biking or running, it's still a respectable speed.
Of course, if you compare it to a scooter, a motorcycle or a car, the homologation seems to make your scooter an elegant turtle.
Another value of this relative speed is the learning of another time management. A reassessed calculation of distances allows you to realize that for most urban journeys, the loss of time will be almost symbolic. In short, in a period that is going a hundred miles an hour, a little reasonable speed can only do good for your body and your mind.

other approval criteria

The maximum weight should be 200 kg, that goes without saying for an electric scooter, fortunately 🙂
-Possibility of a trailer for children: Authorized, except in the case of transporting 2 children on a towing vehicle
-Buzzer: Required, but must be a doorbell
Required proof of electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility specially arranged
It goes without saying that our road legal electric scooters available on the site and in KissMyWheels stores meet all of these criteria.

Some flexibilities to note

Finally, some flexibility remains for the use of the scooter. Indeed, the approved electric scooter is not subject to the issuance of control plates or a traffic permit.
Wearing a helmet is not compulsory, but of course it is strongly recommended.
A driver can be 14 years old if he has an M license.
No driver's license is required from the age of 16.

Places where the scooter is accepted.

Now that we have talked about the characteristics of the homologation, let's look at where it is authorized to circulate with your electric scooter.
In reality, these are the same rules as those concerning bicycles. You can therefore ride an approved electric scooter:
-On cycle paths. The good news: no speed limit, the maximum speed for an approved electric scooter, as a reminder, is 20 km/h.
-On the road. Again, no speed limit, the maximum speed on an electric scooter will therefore remain 20 km/h.
After these two authorized situations, let us recall a prohibition. That of moving around in an electric scooter on the sidewalks (yes, even while driving slowly).
This is a common sense rule, but who says it better, right? Pedestrians are often absorbed in their thoughts and even more so in their telephone.
Finally, even if it is not compulsory, we strongly recommend that all our customers ride with a helmet.

Insurance question now

In Switzerland, your civil liability is engaged in the event of an accident. However, we advise you to contact your insurance to include your new road legal electric scooter vehicle to avoid a bad surprise once the accident has occurred. Reminder: The electric scooter is listed as a light moped. In the KissyMyWheels store, we will be able to provide you with detailed information about our AXA insurance and how to ensure that you are properly insured against theft!

Discover here our selection of the best models

KissMyWheels is happy to guide you in the discovery of this innovative means of transport. Remember that like any 2 wheels, the electric scooter is subject to road legislation concerning bicycles. As a Swiss citizen or resident you realize that Switzerland has long been one step ahead of our European neighbors when it comes to certification and legislation. The only thing that we can envy to France, or Austria is the possibility of driving at 25 km/h. But we are lucky to see the electric scooter being recognized as a vehicle in its own right.

Brief recap on registration in Switzerland

Switzerland regulated the use of electric scooters long before our European neighbours. The law is relatively flexible and allows us to use a fairly wide range of products provided they meet the certification criteria.

If in doubt on the road, just remember that the legislation is very close to that of bicycles.

Electric scooter find other comparisons and many tips in our blog section.

Together let's make the electric scooter a no-brainer, for the benefit of the environment and your budget;

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