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KissMyWheels is highlighting the VSETT electric scooter models here.

VSETT scooters are great for many reasons. Here we present the four models chosen by KissMyWheels, the VSETT 8+ Swiss edition, VSETT 9+ Swiss edition, and the VSETT 10 and VSETT 11 (not homologated for Switzerland). To make it easier for you to read this comparison, the 4 criteria (motor, battery, comfort, and safety) are repeated throughout this page.

The VSETT 8+ electric scooter (approved for Switzerland)

First, note that the VSETT 8+ electric scooter is an improved and more powerful version of the VSETT 8 range.

Its engine equipment:

the VSETT 8+ electric scooter is equipped with two motors of 250 Watts each (or 600 Watts for the non-approved version).

Its battery

It is equipped with a very powerful 48 V / 16 Ah Lithium-Ion battery with LG cells. This super powerful battery allows this scooter model to reach a range of 60 km in ECO mode. Charging time 8h.

ts driving comfort

In terms of driving comfort: this scooter has front and rear suspension (obvious pleasure for your trips)

ts safety and road holding advantages

Its front and rear drum brakes guarantee you a safe braking distance.
Also, another aspect of security related to the risk of theft. The RFID boot system gives you extra peace of mind. The 8-inch solid tires provide excellent road holding. And last point: the maximum load must not exceed 100 kg.

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The VSETT 9+ electric scooter (Approved for Switzerland)

You have here with the VSETT 9+ the same qualities as the previous scooter but better, one could say.

Its engine equipment:

This model of electric scooter, like its little sister 8+, is equipped with two motors of 250 watts each, On the other hand its unbridled version goes up to 1300 W (twice 650 W). We begin to have a powerful vehicle that gives a very pleasant driving pleasure.

Its battery

A very powerful 48 V / 15.6 Ah, 19.2 Ah or 21 Ah lithium-ion battery with LG cells, which allow a range of up to 100 km. Amperes (Ah) are the key to a battery that ensures autonomy and quality of charge. Ideal for professional uses such as home deliveries. Charging time 10 to 12h.

Its driving comfort

Front and rear suspension (same profile as the VSETT 8+). VSETT electric scooters all share this quality of suspension.

Its safety and road holding advantages

The VSETT 9+ electric scooter has front and rear disc brakes, (here we note an evolution that gives even more security in your braking and managing your speed). The inflatable tires are 8.5 inches (we gain 0.5 inches, it's not nothing), and the RFID starting system is also provided there.
Note that the maximum load weight must not exceed 120 kg (20 kg more than the VSETT 8+.
For speed lovers who want to do without Swiss certification, this model is also available in a 1300 Watt version, and this unbridled version goes up to 50 Km/h.

You can find it here on our KissMyWheels store

The VSETT 10+ electric scooter

This electric scooter is a brand newcomer to the VSETT brand. It is pampered by engineers and made with high quality materials. VSETT thus offers you an elegant scooter, with a high-end design, and above all a very resistant frame.

Its engine equipment

It is a powerful electric scooter with a normal and sport riding mode.
Two possible types of use, in the city to get to work and for off-road sessions 🙂

Its battery

Here too VSETT innovates by offering this scooter with several battery versions.
25.6 Ah and 28 Ah batteries, we are still a step further than with the VSETT 9+. This gives you a great range of up to 150 km on one motor and up to 70 km on dual motors mode. Charging time 14h.

Its comfort

The scooter is equipped with front and rear hydraulic brakes and suspensions to offer the best driving comfort with Spring R technology. We are entering a new stage of comfort and pleasure.

Its safety and road holding advantages

We are talking about brakes here, this time for safety reasons.
Hydraulic brakes are with Power Assist ABS. And the VSETT 10+ is equipped with NUTT or ZOOM hydraulic disc brakes, both front and rear, in addition to the patented ABS electric brakes.

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The VSETT 11+ electric scooter

At this stage we can talk as much about an electric scooter as an electric scooter in fact. You will love it!
Big 11 inch inflatable tires, double suspensions, foldable handlebars, NUTT hydraulic disc brakes, 2 x 2A chargers for a charging time of 11 hours.

Its engine equipment:

It is certainly the fastest scooter of the VSETT brand. Equipped with two motors of 1500 Watts each, pleasure of acceleration and feeling assured;

Its battery

The VSETT 11+ is equipped with a powerful 60V / 31.2 Ah LG battery. If you follow the evolution of the amperage, you will notice that the autonomy records fall here. Because the VSETT 11+ electric scooter reaches a range of 150 km in Single Drive mode (single motor). And to better manage your energy consumption, different modes are available, from eco mode to sport mode. Charging time 11h.

Its comfort

It combines two essential aspects of comfort. Springs and hydraulic shock absorbers. This allows it to carry a load of up to 150 kg!

Its safety and road holding advantages

Its LED front headlights allow you to project a light beam that brings its touch of driving safety.
We can speak here of smart electric scooter because it is equipped with a system to avoid overheating.
It has large 11-inch inflatable tires.

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