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The latest release from the famous electric scooter manufacturer Minimotors is the new edition of the DUALTRON Spider Max with it's powerful batterie of 60V / 24 Ah reaching a maximum range of 85 Km. Equipped with two motors of 2000 Watts each, front and rear ajustable supsension, 10-inch inflatable tires, rear blinker.

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Vitesse trotinette
80 Km/h
85 Km
31 Kg
4000 W
35 deg


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Product description DUALTRON SPIDER MAX 


DUALTRON SPIDER MAX; The latest release from the famous electric scooter manufacturer Minimotors is the new edition of the DUALTRON Spider MAX with it's powerful batterie of 60V / 24 Ah reaching a maximum range of 85 Km. Equipped with two motors of 2000 Watts each, front and rear ajustable supsension, 10-inch inflatable tires, rear blinker.


1. Technical characteristics:

Minimotors, one of the world leaders in electric scooters based in South Korea, is back with a new model. The Dualtron Spider Max. This powerful electric scooter is equipped with a double motor, thus offering a maximum power of 4000 W. With the Dualtron Spider 2, it becomes very easy to reach a speed of up to 80 Km/h for the speed unlocked version (use on private roads).

To allow you to ride smoothly, the Dualtron Spider Max offers adjustable front and rear suspensions. In addition, its 10-inch inflatable tires ensure optimal comfort during your travels. This is because they provide great grip while reducing vibrations on rough roads.

The powerful battery of the Dualtron Spider Max will allow you to reach a range of approximately 85 Km on a single charge. Long distances are yours! And thanks to its easy folding system and its integrated hook (which facilitates transport once folded), the Dualtron Spider 2 is easily transportable. It also displays a fairly light weight for a scooter in its class, since it weighs just over 31 kg.

Offering complete safety, the Dualtron Spider Max electric scooter is equipped with front and rear disc brakes coupled with an engine brake: ideal for moving and stopping without difficulty. And that's not all! This electric scooter will allow you to be clearly visible day and night. Indeed, it has two LEDs at the front, four LEDs at the rear on the footrest, but also a column and a lighten deck. As a bonus, it also has a rear warning indicator like on the Thunder 2!


Many improvements compared to the previous DUALTRON SPIDER version:

Double clamping ring on the handlebar foot to limit vibrations.


New, more robust front and rear forks.


Turn signals and warning lights integrated in a new footrest.


Folding hook to fix the handlebar in folded mode.


ladebuchse dualtron spider 2

More accessible charging sockets above the deck.


2. Operating instructions:

How to assemble the electric scooter DUALTRON Spider Max:

No assembly operation is necessary. The Dualtron Spider Max electric scooter will be delivered to you assembled (Lithium battery included), and will be accompanied by a battery charger and a tool kit.

The DUALTRON Spider Max scooter comes with a 1.7 A charger, a tool kit, a remote control for LED lighting and an instruction manual.

How to unfold / close the electric scooter:

To unfold the scooter, first raise the steering column and release the two quick release levers. Then lift the lock latch up, release the handlebar, and lower the lock latch. Then lock all the foldable parts.

To fold the scooter, first fold the steering column: to do this, unscrew the quick-release levers outwards and fold the steering column down. Then, secure it using the locking latch and the quick-release lever. The handlebar can then be fixed using the foldable locking device.


How to start the electric scooter:

To switch on the DUALTRON Spider Max electric scooter, press the "Power" button for 3 seconds. The display will light up immediately.


Driving speed, battery level, mileage and speed are shown on the display. Depending on the speed that you select by pressing the white circle, the electric scooter has different types of acceleration. However, it's more fun to put in a high gear and then adjust the speed with the finger throttle while driving.

LED lighting :

One of the special features of this model is the LED system integrated in the deck and steering column. An infrared remote control is supplied with the scooter. To ensure proper operation of the remote control when changing lights, it is important to aim at the base of the handlebar. This is where the recipient is located. Lights play an aesthetic role, but they also have the advantage of making you more visible when driving. The LED lighting can also be switched off.

3. Battery maintenance DUALTRON Spider Max:

How to care for the battery:

In order to extend the service life of a lithium-ion battery, it is strongly recommended to keep the charge level of the battery between about 70% and 100%. Do not charge the battery when it is already full (do not leave it to charge overnight) and never discharge the battery completely. When you charge your scooter, be sure to connect the charger to the power supply before connecting the electric scooter.

If you store the electric scooter for several months, it is important not to fully charge the battery, but to store the electric scooter with a charge level of approx. 60%. Always store the electric scooter in a place protected from moisture and at a temperature of at least 5 ° C. It can take up to 10 hours to fully charge a DUALTRON Spider Max. It is therefore strongly recommended to order a second charger to cut the charging time by half.

Charging a lithium battery should be done under adult supervision. It is also important that you charge your electric scooter away from flammable materials (fabrics, paper, liquids, etc.). You can find more information about maintaining your battery on our blog.

4. General maintenance and care:

It is important to check the tightness of the screws and the brakes very regularly, but at least once a month, as a scooter is exposed to a lot of vibrations while driving. Also remember to check the tire pressure regularly. With this model, it is advisable to inflate the tires to a pressure of 3.5 bar (50 PSI). Your electric scooter is cleaned with a damp sponge. Please note that this model is not waterproof. Do not use water or cleaning fluids for maintenance.



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