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++ Not road legal for Switzerland ++

E-TWOW GTS PREMIUM in orange colour is a limited edition electric scooter from the E-TWOW brand. A boosted version equipped with a 700-watt engine coupled with a 48V / 9,6 Ah battery. The scooter has an electric front brake with battery regeneration KERS, a rear drum brake and a bluetooth connected app. Its 54,6V / 2A charger lets you reload the battery in only 4 hours. The maximum load weight for this robust model is 110 kg.

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Vitesse trotinette
42 Km/h
30 Km
13 Kg
700 W
25 deg

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Product description E-TWOW GTS Premium 


Efficient and sleek with its beautiful orange color, the eScooter E-TWOW GTS PREMIUM is a limited version of the GT+ electric scooter from the E-TWOW brand. This supercharged version is equipped with a 700 watt motor coupled with a 48 V / 9.6 Ah battery. It has a front electric brake with KERS battery regeneration, a rear drum brake, and offers a Bluetooth application. Its 54.6 V / 2 Ah charger can recharge the battery in just 4 hours. The maximum load weight for this robust model is 110 Kg.


1. Technical characteristics:

Limited version of the GT+ electric scooter from the famous E-TWOW brand, the GTS PREMIUM with its orange look is also distinguished by its increased performance. With a 700 Watt motor and a 48 V / 9.6 Ah Samsung battery, this electric scooter will allow you to easily reach a speed of 42 km/h maximum (not approved for Swiss roads). It also has a range of around 30 km on a single charge.

To move around smoothly, the GTS PREMIUM offers front and rear suspensions, as well as 8-inch solid tires: enough to ensure excellent comfort while driving and avoid any punctures.

Thanks to its folding handles, its quick and compact folding as well as its light weight (it weighs only 13 Kg), you can easily transport the GTS PREMIUM according to your desires. The icing on the cake: it can overcome slopes of up to 25 degrees without difficulty.

Offering total safety, this scooter is equipped with an electric brake on the front wheel with a patented KERS energy recovery system, and a drum brake at the rear: enough to move and stop without any difficulty. The GTS PREMIUM will also allow you to be clearly visible day and night thanks to its front and rear LED lights, and has a backlit screen displaying all the useful information on your scooter.

To top it all off, this model benefits from Bluetooth functionality thanks to the E-Twow Connect mobile application (for iOs and Android): enough to effectively manage the performance of the E-TWOW GTS PREMIUM.

Light, compact and robust, this electric scooter is therefore a model of choice for all those looking for sportiness and reliability!



2. Operating instructions:

How to assemble the electric scooter:

No assembly operation is necessary: ​​the eScooter E-TWOW GTS PREMIUM will be delivered to you assembled. However, remember to fully charge your battery before using it for the first time.


How to unfold / close the electric scooter:

In order to unfold the scooter, press on the rear fender to release the fixing hook. Then raise the handlebar to clip the red latch into the safety position.

To fold the scooter, press the red latch and at the same time push the scooter handlebars forward. Then use the two buttons on the handles to close and open them.

If you wish to adjust the height of the handlebar, use the tightening latch provided for this purpose: first unfold the handlebar, then close the latch. Check that it is tight to avoid any vibrations during use.

How to start the electric scooter:

The E-TWOW GTS PREMIUM electric scooter turns on by pressing the ON/OFF button for two seconds under the screen.

You will also find various buttons for light, horn and settings below the screen. The color LCD screen displays the battery level, speed, engine temperature and mileage, among other things. This model has a Bluetooth application that will allow you to adjust the driving parameters from your smartphone.

Please refer to the manual of the electric scooter to learn more about the use of the eScooter E-TWOW GTS PREMIUM.

3. Maintenance and care:

How to care for the battery:

Be sure to maintain a charge level between 70% and 100%. Do not leave the battery charging if it is already full. It is also recommended that you never let your battery drain completely.

To extend the life of your battery, you can store your electric scooter in a place away from humidity and at a temperature of at least 5°C.

To learn more, do not hesitate to consult our complete guide to maintaining a lithium battery on our blog.


4. Maintenance and care:

To avoid damaging it, it is recommended to avoid using your electric scooter in the event of heavy showers or on very cold winter days.

Remember to regularly check the screwed elements of your electric scooter, as well as the condition of the various cables to identify potential signs of degradation (cracks, deformations, etc.). Quarterly, you can oil the folding and wheel axles, as well as the folding mechanism of the handles.



5. Accessories:

Below is a list of important accessories:

A second charger for your electric scooter E-TWOW GTS Premium

 Charger E-TWOW GTS >

The handlebar bag can be attached directly to the handlebar and allows you to easily take all the items you need with you.

 Head Bar bag >

A helmet is not compulsory in Switzerland, but it is strongly recommended. You can find our range on our accessories page.

eScooter Helmets >


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