TOP 10 best reasons to drive an electric scooter in Switzerland


The 10 best reasons to drive an electric scooter in Switzerland! (Number 3 is our favorite reason)
A new phenomenon of electric mobility started a few years ago. The road legal electric scooter is now becoming an essential means of transport in our towns in Switzerland. If you haven't fallen for it yet, here are the top 10 reasons that should win you over.




This is what matters after all. Getting around on an electric scooter isn't just getting from point A to point B. It's about reclaiming your city, which becomes a real playground.
The power of the electric motor is instantaneous as soon as you engage the throttle. And thanks to the Lithium-ion battery, the range between 15km and 50km should more than cover your daily needs.
Drive an electric scooter. Always in compliance with safety rules and the rules of the road (cycle path or roadway only). The approved electric scooter allows you to cruise around and arrive at work or school in the morning with a big smile on your face!



You don't have to be an alpine ski champion; Learning to ride an electric scooter is very easy - hence its great success - and will take you no more than 10 minutes. Simply step on it, propel yourself with the second foot, and accelerate with the throttle located on the handlebars at your right thumb. Braking is generally the same as for a bicycle, namely one or two brakes on the handlebars.
As for the rules of conduct on public roads, they are the same as for bicycles, namely that you must ride on cycle tracks or on the road, but strictly prohibited from riding on sidewalks.
Helmets are not compulsory but strongly recommended.



Unlike a conventional or electric bicycle, it is important to buy a fairly light electric scooter. Depending on the models and the size of the battery, an homologated electric scooter weighs between 10Kg and 20Kg. The chassis is usually made of aluminum to combine strength and lightness.
And besides being light, it's also foldable so you can take it with you on public transport, at the office, at school, at home and even in the trunk of the car or motorhome. . It's always by your side even during your vacation.



An electric scooter road legal in Switzerland such as the INOKIM Quick or the EGRET TEN charges in about 5 hours when the battery is completely empty. Knowing that the average price per KWh in Switzerland is CHF 0.21, fully recharging your battery will cost you around CHF 0.46. On these two models the battery autonomy is 40Km, ie a cost per kilometer of only CHF 0.01.
You will find under this link the cost of electricity in your city; Federal Electricity Commission ElCom Prices
In addition to that, your electric scooter will certainly save you the cost of urban public transport (bus, tram, etc.). Here too, a great saving in prospect since the average cost of a monthly subscription in Switzerland is CHF 78, -.
You will find under this link the cost of a public transport subscription in your city; Price of a public transport subscription in Switzerland
Read our blog article on the price of an electric scooter.



Drive an electric scooter; An electric scooter road legal in Switzerland must not exceed a speed of 20 km / h. The models you find on our eScooter page are mostly electronically locked at 20 km / h which is still 4 times faster than walking, and as fast as traveling on a bicycle, while reaching your destination without a sweat.
In addition with your electric scooter you use the cycle paths and the road, always avoiding traffic jams. No need to wait for your bus or tram, which stops many times. So no more stress in the city, your journeys are quick and easy.



Of course, the electric scooter is less ecological than walking or cycling. But as we said earlier in our article, it's significantly faster than walking and less bulky than a bicycle. It is above all a more ecological alternative to the car. The goal is to leave your car at home - or even sell it - and get around by combining the electric scooter or electric bike, and public transport.
Watch out for self-service electric scooters; these low-end models are mis-treated by end users and hardly reach a lifespan of a few weeks - just 28 days for the market leader in the US (according to a newspaper article release). Not at all the same carbon impact as when you have your own electric scooter that you keep for several years.



Here is a form of urban pollution about which we speak very rarely; sound pollution. Since the time one does not really realize any more; but if you add the noise of cars, scooters, motorcycles, buses, trains, and so on ... the noise in our cities in Switzerland is deafening.
What a pleasure then to move quickly but in silence. As you stroll along our lakes or on cycle paths a little off the road, you will quickly see a taste for calm thanks to electric mobility.



We all know that; leaving your electric bike parked outside when you are going to work or home is to run the risk of being stolen or damaged. Bicycle thefts are increasing every year in all cities in Switzerland and thieves are primarily targeting e-bikes which are of great value and are in great demand.
And that's a new plus for the electric scooter, because it's lightweight and you just need to fold it up to take it with you to the office or home. It therefore rarely stays outside, thus greatly limiting the chances of you having it stolen.



You are not going to burn the same number of calories as running a marathon. But we should not underestimate the physical exercise that an outing on an electric scooter represents. You work as much on balance as you do on your legs and back. It is also a gentle form of physical activity that is particularly recommended if you have pain from lumbago or osteoarthritis.



Most of us spend a lot of time indoors, often sitting in front of a screen. And in transport it is again time sitting behind a wheel or in public transport.
By replacing your bus, tram, etc ... with an electric scooter or an electric bicycle, you will finally be able to spend time outdoors. There is no doubt that you will quickly take a liking to these outdoor journeys.


Conclusion :
It has many other advantages, but this ranking of the top 10 reasons to buy an electric scooter already gives you a good idea of its main advantages which explain the growing appeal for this new mode of urban transport.
Electric scooter, foldable electric bike, find other reviews and many tips in our blog section.

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