Bleeding kit for hydraulic brakes compatible with SHIMANO, NUTT, ZOOM, MAGURA. Bleeding the hydraulic brakes is a crucial step in maintaining your electric scooter.

This operation consists of eliminating air bubbles present in the brake fluid, thus guaranteeing optimal efficiency of the braking system. The air bubbles in fact reduce the pressure exerted on the pads, extending the braking distance and increasing the risk of an accident.

Bleeding and replacement of pads should be carried out regularly, ideally every 1500 km.

Although it can be done yourself, it is recommended to call on our professionals to ensure safety and performance. Remember, well-maintained brakes are synonymous with safe and peaceful driving.

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Bleeding Kit for Hydraulic Brakes Keep your electric scooter's brakes in top condition with our Bleeding Kit for Hydraulic Brakes.

This kit is compatible with popular brake systems like SHIMANO, NUTT, ZOOM, and MAGURA, making it a versatile choice for many scooter models.

Why Bleed Your Brakes?

Bleeding your hydraulic brakes is an essential maintenance task. It involves removing air bubbles from the brake fluid to ensure your braking system works efficiently. Air bubbles can reduce the pressure on the brake pads, increasing braking distance and the risk of accidents. Regular bleeding keeps your brakes responsive and reliable.

When to Bleed and Replace Pads To maintain optimal performance and safety, bleed your brakes and replace the pads every 1500 km.

Regular maintenance ensures that your scooter's braking system remains effective, giving you peace of mind while riding.

DIY or Professional Service? While you can bleed the brakes yourself, we recommend having it done by professionals for the best results. Properly maintained brakes mean safer and smoother rides. You can visit any of our five service centers where our experts can handle the bleeding and pad replacement for you, ensuring everything is done correctly.

Key Features Compatibility: Works with SHIMANO, NUTT, ZOOM, and MAGURA hydraulic brake systems. Safety: Ensures air bubbles are removed, maintaining brake efficiency. Maintenance: Essential for regular upkeep, ideally every 1500 km.

Professional Service: Available at our service centers for safe and optimal performance. Product Benefits Improved Safety: Eliminates air bubbles, ensuring better braking power and shorter stopping distances. Easy Maintenance: Compatible with several popular brake systems, making it a convenient choice for various scooter models.

Professional Support: Our technicians can perform the bleeding and pad replacement, ensuring the job is done right. Upgrade your scooter maintenance routine with our Bleeding Kit for Hydraulic Brakes. Enjoy safer, smoother rides with brakes that perform at their best. Visit our service centers for professional assistance and keep your scooter in top condition.


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