Discover the brand new compact urban electric bicycle from INOKIM. They became experts at producing scooters, they are now using their design and technical know-how for electric bicycle. The OZOa is a beautiful design-awarded and compact ebike with a 36 V / 7,8 Ah removable batterie, a 240 Watts Motor, 16 inch tires, front and rear disc brakes, rear suspension. Simply perfect for the city!

CHF 1149.00

Free delivery !
Payment up to 10x free of charge
from CHF 120 / month
Or long term rental 12/24 months
from CHF 59 / month
Vitesse trotinette
25 Km/h
40 Km
22 Kg
240 W
15 deg


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Product description INOKIM OZO A SWISS EDITION 


The INOKIM OZO electric bike, is a designer bike which is powerful, but also extremely comfortable, as it is foldable and the battery is removable. A featherweight of 22 kg that you can easily store at home or at work.

1. Technical characteristics:

The foldable electric bike INOKIM OZO is equipped in the rear wheel with a motor of 240 watts. With this motor you can reach a maximum speed of 25 km / h (thus the electric scooter is road legal for Switzerland). It has front and rear disc brakes. The two brake levers are situated on the handlebar. The Lithium-ion battery of 36 V / 7.84 Ah (280 Wh) offers a range of approx. 40 km (calculated for a driver of 75 kg on a flat stretch with an outside temperature of 20 ° C). The battery of your electric bicycle INOKIM OZO is located under the seat and can be easily pulled out, you can charge it at home.

The load weight of this foldable electric bike must not exceed 100 kg.


2. Operation manual:

If you click on the following link, you will see the complete INOKIM OZO a user manual that comes with the electric bike:

Operating instructions INOKIM OZO a

How to assemble the e-bike upon delivery:

Don't worry, the INOKIM OZO a electric bike is delivered almost completely assembled. All you have to do is assemble the handlebars and saddle. However, remember to fully charge the battery before using it for the first time.

How to adjust the saddle of the INOKIM OZO electric bike:

An adjustment level is indicated on the seat post of the bicycle. Be careful not to exceed the maximum height mark.

How to start the INOKIM OZO a:

The foldable electric bicycle is started by pressing the ON / OFF button for three seconds. A ^ and a v button are then available to select your speed level. There are five speed levels. Press and hold the ^ button until the screen turns on. This action also turns on the bike's headlights.

All information on speed, battery level and driving mode is displayed on the screen.

3. Maintenance and Care:

How to care for the battery:

In order to extend the service life of a lithium-ion battery, it is strongly recommended to keep the charge level of the battery between about 80% and 100%. Do not charge the battery when it is already full (do not leave it to charge overnight) and never discharge the battery completely. When you charge your INOKIM OZO a, be sure to connect the charger to the power supply before you connect the electric bike.

After using the bike, wait 20 minutes before charging the battery to allow it to cool down. If you store the electric bicycle for several months, it is important not to fully charge the battery, but to store the foldable electric bicycle with a charge level of approx. 60%.

Always store the e-bike in a place protected from moisture and at a temperature of at least 5 ° C.

General maintenance of the INOKIM OZO a:

It is important to check the tight fit of the screws very regularly, but at least once a month, as an electric bike is exposed to a lot of vibrations while riding. Remember to check the tire pressure regularly. With this model, it is advisable to inflate the tires to a pressure of 2.8 bar. Your e-bike is cleaned with a damp cloth.

4 . Equipment:

We offer a wide range of accessories:


850 mm foldable lock. It has a fastening system to fix it to the steering column of your INOKIM OZO electric bike and always have it with you.

INOKIM Foldable lock >

The INOKIM Head Bar Case bag can be attached directly to the handlebar and allows you to easily take all the items you need with you.

 INOKIM Head bar bag >

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