Electric scooters Minimotors available at KissMyWheels

South Korean-based manufacturer Minimotors is one of the world leaders in electric scooters with his famous brands FUTECHER and DUALTRON. Committed to continuous improvement and innovation, the company regularly releases new versions of its most popular models, taking into account user feedback.


This brand new range of Minimotors was released in 2021. Easy to transport and adapted to urban lifestyles. The electric scooter models includ the Futecher Gun and the Futecher Gun Pro. They are both available at very affordable prices (less than CHF 1,000).

These electric scooters also have batteries and motors offering sufficient power and range for everyday use. You live in Switzerland and are you looking for an affordable electric scooter that offers excellent value for money? Then one of the models from the Futecher range is probably for you!


The Dualtron range, with its advanced and powerful models, is intended more for experienced users. The Dualtrons are extremely powerful all-terrain electric scooters - with, for some, a range of up to 110 km, a double engine, or even top speeds that can exceed 100 km / h (like the Dualtron Storm or the Dualtron X2).

Other lighter models are also available, with speeds of up to 45 km / h (Dualtron Mini Super), 65 km / h (Dualtron Eagle) and even 75 km / h (Dualtron Thunder). As beautiful as they are powerful, the Dualtron models will leave you speachless!

Please note: although not all of these models are visible on our website, we offer all models from the manufacturer Minimotors for sale.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a personalized offer. Contact us today to learn more about our Minimotors / FUTECHER / DUALTRON models:


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