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MATE X | best selection of MATE electric bicycles

Mate X - Fat Bike
Vitesse trotinette
25 Km/h
95 Km
250 W

CHF 3199.00

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No more distance too long thanks to the electric bike.
Perfectly suited for your trips in town and in the mountains. Our electric bikes are foldable which means that you can take them with you on public transport or in the trunk of your car. Some models also have extra wide 20-inch wheels for great driving comfort in the mountains or on cobblestones. The foldable electric bicycle is comfortable in all environments.

Damage the environment? Not with your electric bike!
CO2 emissions from traditional vehicles lead to lasting climate change and affect the health of pedestrians. The constant noise of traffic, what a headache! Finally an alternative solution to move quickly and over long distances without arriving completely sweaty at your destination! The foldable electric bicycle is a smart and ultra-practical means of transport. Find our full range and order your new bike today.

Fun without limits with the electric folding bike.
It is now possible to use the same electric mobility vehicle for all your trips and leisure, and you can take it everywhere with you. Depending on the battery, our electric bikes can achieve a range of up to 80 km. The speed is restricted to 25 km/h, however.

Your foldable electric bike accompanies you everywhere.
How do you get around when you are away from home on vacation or traveling? The solution is now all found; you just need to bring your electric bike with you. You will thus have a fun and practical transportation vehicle for all your trips.

No need for public transport.
No more waiting for the bus or the metro, rush hour is no longer a concern. The stress in traffic jams is also eliminated and you are no longer late for work or for your appointments. Life is much simpler with a folding electric bicycle. Find all of our models on our website and register today for a test drive session.

Simple to store and easy to maintain.
The complete equipment of the folding electric bicycle requires little maintenance. The maintenance of an e-bike is identical to that of a traditional bicycle. You regularly check the brakes, the condition of the tires, tighten the screws and oil the chains. As for the battery, since it is removable, you just need to recharge it and store it directly at home in a dry and heated place.

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