TOP 5 best electric scooters of 2021!

TOP 5 best electric scooters of 2021 - Thanks to its many advantages, the electric scooter is one of the most suitable means of transport for city traffic: it is at the same time quiet, ecological, light, easy to use... and much more!


You have decided this year to go for an electric scooter ... but you don't know which one to choose? Good news: the manufacturers have already presented their best models of the year - and we have selected the best for you!


Let yourself be guided by our comparison below: You will discover the 5 best electric scooters that are approved for Swiss roads.


  • Our ranking of the best electric scooters of 2021


Which electric scooters are approved for Switzerland and offer the best performance and an excellent price-performance ratio? Here are our favorites TOP 5 best electric scooters




Its strengths:

This new model from ONEMILE with an elegant design offers many advantages: Robust and with excellent construction and rear suspension for better driving comfort. It also has a removable Samsung battery and lights on the front for excellent visibility.

Its weak point:

The ONEMILE S8 has a "small" motor with 350 watts. Choose this model especially if you have to drive on flat roads.



Its strengths:

This robust model offers an exceptional range (up to 80 km!) Thanks to its powerful 54 V / 12.5 Ah battery. It also offers great driving comfort and the IPX7 battery is waterproof - so you can stay on the move in any weather. This electric scooter also has two charging sockets: it can be charged with two chargers at the same time; ideal for saving time.

Its weak point:

The handlebar of the INMOTION L9 is quite high (number 127.5 cm between the floor and the top of the handlebar): This should be taken into account for people who are less than 1.70 m tall.



Its strengths:

This ultra-light model is perfect for everyday commuting: it folds up in seconds and takes up little space at home or on public transport (it also has a reinforced folding system). This electric scooter can also be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth and has a longer deck than previous versions of the E-TWOW brand. Finally, it also has an excellent range (up to 50 km).

Its weak points:

The handlebars are a bit short (only 36 cm) and the tires are full - which can affect driving comfort.


2 / Z8 PRO (VSETT 8)

Its strengths:

The Z8 PRO comes from a new generation of electric scooters from the manufacturer Zero and will not leave you indifferent: It has excellent front and rear wheel suspension and a modern design in military green color. The start system is controlled by an RFID key and offers two charging sockets to save time. This electric scooter is very well designed and is offered at an unbeatable price.

Its weak point:

This model does not offer a Bluetooth connection.


1 / INOKIM Quick 4 Super

In first place on the podium, we find the very popular scooter from the well-known INOKIM brand!


Its strengths:

The Quick 4 Super is already bestseller of the year and has only kept the best of the various INOKIM models. This electric scooter has double suspension, a fast and strong folding system and 10-inch tubular tires with a tube. The 10 x 5 cm LCD screen is one of the largest on the market: it gives you an excellent overview of the speed and charge status of your battery while you are driving.

Its weak point:

The INOKIM Quick 4 does not yet have a safety lock system. However, we can install a starter key for you to solve this weak point.



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  • Electric scooters approved for Switzerland

In just a few years, electric scooters have penetrated the cities - and thus the streets - of the major cities in Switzerland. However, in order to legally (and safely!) drive on the roads of the country, your electric scooter must be road legal like the models mentioned above. What are the criteria for approval?

In order to comply with Swiss regulations, electric scooters must be used on roads or bike paths (and not on the sidewalks). They must be set for a speed of no more than 20 km / h and have a motor of no more than 500 watts. They must also be equipped with a bell, brakes on both wheels and front / rear lights.

Note: Regarding the legal age, the driver of the electric scooter must be over 16 years old (or an M category license if he is between 14 and 16 years old). In addition, wearing a helmet is highly recommended, although it is not mandatory.


  • Conclusion

In 2021, electric scooter manufacturers really did wonders! Do not hesitate to search our website for models that are in line with the latest trends. We also invite you to consult our blog section where you will find many tips.


If you hesitate to fall in love with an electric scooter, do not hesitate to contact our team: they will be happy to show you all the advantages of this means of travel. You can also test multiple models to choose the most appropriate one for your use.



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