++ Not road legal for Switzerland ++

INOKIM OX Hero is a powerful electric scooter equipped with a unique patented adjustable suspension system to guarantee an optimal driving experience. The design of this scooter is ferocious, the strong rear brushless motor of 1000 watts combined with a powerful 60V / 13 Ah lithium battery will allow you to travel on a distance of up to 55 Km at a speed of maximum 45Km/h.

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Vitesse trotinette
45 Km/h
50 Km
26 Kg
1000 W
30 deg


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Product description INOKIM OX HERO 


INOKIM OX HERO is a powerful and extremely comfortable electric scooter thanks to its patented adjustable double suspension system. This model has received the famous "Red Dot Award" for its sporty and modern design.

1. Technical characteristics:

The INOKIM OX HERO electric scooter is equipped with a motor with an output of 1000 watts in the rear wheel. With this motor you can reach a top speed of 45 km / h (because of this speed, the electric scooter is not road-legal in Switzerland). As for the brakes, the INOKIM OX HERO has a drum brake at the front and a disc brake at the rear. The two Tektro brake levers are located on the handlebars like a bicycle.

A big advantage of this model is that it has a wide running board that offers you a high level of comfort and more space for your feet. The lithium-ion battery delivers 60 V / 13 Ah, which enables a range of approx. 55 km (value tested with a 75 kg driver on a flat stretch at an outside temperature of 20 ° C). The battery is located in the footboard, under the driver's feet.

The net weight of the INOKIM OX HERO electric scooter is 26 kg. Load weight of this electric scooter must not exceed 120 kg.

2. Operating instructions:

If you click on the link below, you will find the complete instruction manual of the INOKIM OX HERO electric scooter:

Operating instructions INOKIM OX HERO

How to assemble the electric scooter upon delivery:

Don't worry, the INOKIM OX HERO electric scooter is delivered almost completely assembled. You only need to complete two assembly processes. Tools are included in the scope of delivery for this purpose:

-Screw the handlebar with four screws

-Bolt the rear fender with a screw

inokim ox hero pic

Remember to fully charge the battery before using it for the first time.

How do I unfold the electric scooter?

To unfold the scooter; Simply push the back of the platform to release the handlebars.

inokim ox hero

Then lift the metal lock into its safety position and tighten the silicone strap around the steering column.

inokim ox hero


How to start the electric scooter:

INOKIM Light 2 super

The INOKIM OX HERO electric scooter is started by pressing the ON / OFF button for two seconds. A + and a - button are then available to select your speed level.

There are three speed levels; Level

1 - maximum speed below 10 km / h Level

2 - maximum speed below 15 km / h Level

3 - maximum speed up to 25 km / h (45 km / h with open speed)

After selecting the speed level, give the eScooter a nudge and then accelerate with your thumb on the throttle.

How to change the suspension of the electric scooter:

In the box of your INOKIM OX HERO you will find two replacement elements for the high suspension position.

inokim ox hero

If you want to change the suspension mode from "LOW" to "HIGH", all you have to do is replace the two elements. It is recommended that you place your INOKIM OX HERO on a raised surface such as a table or chair with the two wheels in the air. Remove the rubber caps and use the 19mm wrench to loosen the wishbones from their positions. Once the suspension arms are free, replace the elements in each suspension arm.

inokim ox hero

3. Battery maintenance:

How to care for the battery:

In order to extend the service life of a lithium-ion battery, it is strongly recommended to keep the charge level of the battery between about 70% and 100%. Do not charge the battery when it is already full (do not leave it to charge overnight) and never discharge the battery completely. When you charge your eScooter, it is essential to connect the charger to the mains before you connect the electric scooter.

After using the scooter, wait 20 minutes before charging the battery to allow it to cool down. If you store the electric scooter for several months, it is important not to fully charge the battery, but to store the electric scooter with a charge level of approx. 60%.

Always store the electric scooter in a place protected from moisture and at a temperature of at least 5 ° C.

4. Maintenance and care:

General maintenance of the electric scooter: It is important to check the tightness of the screws very regularly, but at least once a month, as an eScooter is exposed to a lot of vibrations while driving. With the INOKIM OX HERO you also get a tool set. Remember to check the tire pressure regularly. With this model it is advisable to inflate the tires to a pressure of 45 PSI (approx. 3 bar).

Your electric scooter is cleaned with a damp cloth.


5. Accessories:

Below is a list of important accessories for your electric scooter:

Enables the scooter to be switched on with the appropriate key, which makes steeling it considerably more complicated.

Ignition Key >


INOKIM OX riser handlebar in carbon with orange sticker.

 Carbon handle bar >


10-inch OFF ROAD tire and tube for the INOKIM OX electric scooter.

OFF ROAD Tire and tube >


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