Electric scooter accessories which are the best ?


You already own an electric scooter or want to buy one. But what Electric scooter accessories are there for this new means of transport, and what accessories are essential? We will give you a short summary of the most useful accessories in three sections; safety, storage and maintenance.

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1 - Accessories to ensure your safety

In terms of security, two aspects must be taken into account; be visible when driving and be protected in the event of a fall.
The reflexes must be the same as when you are riding a bicycle, with no bodywork to protect you, it is better to make sure you are as visible as possible to other road users.
Electric scooter accessories; Your homologated electric scooter must have a light at the front and a light at the rear. But these are generally quite low and not very powerful. It is therefore useful to equip yourself with additional lights in order to be even more visible. A high flashing light on the helmet or on your jacket helps you catch the eye of motorists. We have two models of helmets with integrated LEDs;


LUMOS TURN SIGNAL (with bluetooth remote control)

LUMOS turn signal.png

Equipped with LEDs at the front and back for safe and elegant lighting. The battery life is approx. 4 to 5 hours depending on the type of use. The helmets are available as one size and can be individually adjusted to "54-62cm".
Integrated LED lights, EN1078 and CE tested according to European standards, rechargeable battery, weatherproof.



LUMOS matrix.jpg

Lumos helmet in urban style with integrated LEDs, turn signals, brake lights, fully customizable matrix panel and many other functions. With its front and rear lights, the Lumos "Matrix" helmet offers style and functionality for riders who want a safe ride without compromising their urban lifestyle.
More safety through more light - bicycle helmet with light at the front and rear as well as brake light and turn signals. Whether general lighting, brake lights or turn signals, all of these signals are integrated in this ultimate urban bike helmet. This is ensured by the bright white LEDs in the front and the red LEDs on the back.
The Lumos helmet has a turn signal on both the right and left side. These are activated via a wireless remote control on the handlebar. The Lumos helmet is CE and EN1078 tested and corresponds to the European standard. The matrix is available as one size and can be individually adjusted 54-61 cm.
Connect to the Lumos app to track your trips and share data with Apple Health or Google Fit.


2 - Accessories to lock your electric scooter

INOKIM Foldable Lock

Electric scooter accessories; Even for a few minutes, it is important to always lock your electric scooter when leaving it unattended indoors or outdoors. This 850mm steel folding padlock comes with a fixing system that allows you to quickly hang your lock on the handlebars of the scooter and thus always have it with you on your travels



Masterlock street cuff 36cm. Ideal for electric scooters.

Its length of 36cm as well as the 2 hooks allow easy fixing in all situations: on a parking meter, a fence post or another bike / scooter.



3 - Accessories to store the eScooter or carry things around

A major advantage of the electric scooter is that it is foldable and therefore easy to transport. Here are two Electric scooter accessories for taking things with you on the road or storing the scooter.


INOKIM Head Bar Case

The storage bag attaches directly to the steering column of your electric scooter with four velcro. You can easily store your phone, wallet, padlock, charger, etc. The bag is available in a neutral version without the INOKIM logo, or with the INOKIM logo in black, blue, orange or yellow.


INOKIM Transport bag

INOKIM carry bag.jpg


In order to transport your electric scooter when traveling on vacation or otherwise, find our INOKIM bags specially designed for transporting your INOKIM scooters. There is a model for INOKIM LIGHT / MINI and a larger model for INOKIM Quick.
We also have a bag for XIAOMI M365 and the NINEBOT G30D.


4 - Spare parts for your electric scooter

Find on our website a large range of spare parts (tubes, tires, chargers, controlers,...). Please do not hesitate to contact us for other spare parts if you can't find it on the website.


Par example;

Rear mudguard set XIAOMI M365

Charger INOKIM Light 2 Super

Brake disc & pads XIAOMI M365

Discover our large range of accessories and spare parts for electric scooters :
Accessories and Spare parts >


5 - Conclusion :

When buying your electric scooter, do not forget the accessories and spare parts that are essential for your safety, the comfort of use and the proper maintenance of your new means of transport.

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