You would like to get your electric scooter repaired or serviced?

An electric scooter- just like any other vehicule - must be checked and repaired on a regular basis (brake pads, tires, inner tubes, battery, etc.). We strongly recommend to buy your scooter from a specialist like KissMyWheels who has spare parts and repair workshops in Switzerland.


You’re dreaming of getting your first electric scooter but don't know which model to choose?

There are many models and brands of electric scooters, but many are of very poor quality or cannot be repaired.
At KissMyWheels, we select for you the models and brands that offer the best price / performance ratio. You can test drive these electric scooters in our branches.


You wish to try our models or have an electric scooter repaired?

We look forward to your visit in our stores:

KissMyWheels - Genève
Shop and repair center

Rue de la Mairie 15
1207 Genève
Natel: 076 396 55 65


KissMyWheels - Zürich
Shop and repair center
Kalkbreitestrasse 98
8003 Zürich
Natel: 044 552 04 51



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