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Since the creation of KissMyWheels we have had a priority; Allow you to discover and enjoy easy mobility with your electric scooter for a long time. For some of our customers, we are above all a place of repair and maintenance of their vehicle. This is why we are talking here about our workshops for electric scooters. In this article we will list 3 good reasons to visit us in one of our KissMyWheels workshops.


Repair a scooter purchased online from another site

It is easy to find models of all kinds online today, especially at entry-level prices. If the first few months are fluid and pleasant with your new electric scooter bought on a lambda site. From the first hitch or replacement of a worn part (a common thing on models other than those in our selection), you quickly find yourself forced to take the tram, the bus or your car. Indeed, the after-sales service of an electric scooter is not as easy given its weight.

As a result, many of our customers contact us and come to us to have their scooter purchased online repaired elsewhere.

And that's fine with us. Because our purpose is to help develop a new way of experiencing mobility in the city. So you are welcome to the KissMyWheels workshops, no matter where your electric scooter comes from.


Classic servicing of your vehicle

The KissMyWheels workshops are obviously also there to ensure the continuity of your experience with a scooter purchased from us. If the cost of use is minimal compared to another thermal vehicle, you know of course that there are maintenance or maintenance costs. No one has yet invented an indestructible vehicle!

By developing workshops in the major cities of Switzerland, we have made sure to make them accessible to you. That's about an hour's drive no matter where you are. It is therefore in Basel, Geneva and Zurich that we welcome you to our KissMyWheels workshops for electric scooters.

You will find competent technicians, welcoming and attentive to your needs. You can easily find a way to have your brakes repaired whether they are disc or drum, change your tires whether they are with inner tube or tubeless etc…



Want to discover a new model spotted on our website

These brands mentioned just above may attract you. If for example you have seen some of your colleagues riding a model with a seat or one that is foldable. You will appreciate being able to try it out. Our technicians know how to guide you towards the model that corresponds to your needs, your desires and your budget.

You may also be tempted to try a more powerful model or the unbridled version of your current model.

This is one of the other reasons for our KissMyWheels workshops for electric scooters. To be a place for discovering the innovations of the brands which each year develop new aspects in the service of comfort, performance and driving safety.


Make an appointment with our technicians

The easiest way to guarantee the availability and attentiveness of our teams is to contact one of our workshops, especially if you wish to carry out a test of one of our models presented on the site.

Bale is the most recent workshop within the KissMyWheels family, open since the beginning of 2022. Geneva and Zurich obviously preceded it, to the delight of our customers throughout Switzerland.

In each workshop, there is the same taste for listening, quality and efficiency of service in each of these workshops. Click here to discover our opening hours and the address of the most accessible workshop for our customers in Switzerland.

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