Repair Xiaomi M365 eScooter


How to Repair Xiaomi M365 eScooter?

You bought your Xiaomi M 365 electric scooter on the internet about six months ago. At first everything was fine. You were 100% blissfully breathing your way to work. No more waiting at the bus or tram stop. You are moving from the door of your home to that of your work. And it's a great feeling of freedom!

But this romance only lasted six short months. The first small bugs started to arrive. First, your brakes started to feel a little less responsive, and now you already feel your tires have less grip in your corners. Well it's true, you take them a little fast 😉

But now, you fear that the pleasure of free riding will become a bit of a hassle. Especially if on top of all that, your battery is starting to show signs of weakness...

In short, you now realize that this new vehicle needs care to be long-lasting. It will be necessary to repair the Xiaomi M365 eScooter.


réparer trottinette xiaomi m365


Now, where to repair Xiaomi M365 eScooter?

Yes, because online websites generally do not offer repairs. This is one of the limitations of 100% online shopping when it comes to goods like your electric scooter.

Whatever your reasons for buying this Xiaomi model, like most buyers today, you did not anticipate the aftermath. The wear and tear of a vehicle is a natural thing. And you've come to the right place on this site, because here at KissMyWheels, our goal is to make your daily life easier in the very long term. But where to repair the Xiaomi M365 eScooter?

This is why we are present in Switzerland in the major cities of Switzerland. To ensure that we are present near you. So that you only have maximum an hour journey to find one of our stores. And the good news is that our stores are also all-brand repair shops!


Whatever your eScooter, you are welcome to the KissMyWheels family.

As we tell you here, a scooter, like any vehicle, requires quality maintenance, to continue to experience free transport with pleasure, and above all in complete safety.

We will advise you carefully to optimize the safety and comfort of use of your Xiaomi M365 eScooter. Whether it is to change the mudguard, the handles or the brake cables, an inner tube or a tire, you will find all the spare parts for your model here.

This may surprise you. But here is our vision: if you are a user of this brilliant means of transport, you have already taken an essential step. You are part of the actors of the future. You have understood that the mobility of tomorrow starts now.

And if the site on which you bought your Xiaomi leaves you alone with the repairs of your new vehicle, now solutions are available to you in our workshops.


Some examples of Xiaomi M365 parts available

As you use the scooter, you may need to change the tires. For example, you will have between the classic Xiaomi M365 tire, the winter tire for more grip or the solid tire to avoid punctures.

The throttle trigger is also available for you on our site and in the workshop.

It can also happen that the front engine shows signs of weakness.

We guarantee a repair within the day so that the same day you can resume your travels and total freedom.

Your comfort is important and we also offer the removable seat for the M365 model. It is retractable and measures 27 cm long.


How about trying one of our brands?

We talk about that here because we know that your first concern is your budget. And you are right. You have started to taste the electric scooter and have chosen a product, let's say entry-level. But you realize that each repair or part replacement represents a larger budget than expected.

Thus, on the occasion of your next visit to our workshop, we can invite you to try one of our favorite models such as our best seller E-TWOW GT + SMART SWISS EDITION. Model approved for Switzerland, with Samsung battery rechargeable in 4 hours.

This is the KissMyWheels vision. Make our practical and professional contribution to a lasting change in transport in Switzerland, at the service of your budget and your daily well-being.

And you will see that our financing facilities make your investment much more accessible than you thought.


The doors of KissMyWheels are wide open to you, practical information: timetables and address here.

See you soon in Basel, Geneva or Zurich in one of our boutique workshops!



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