Warning - Maintain your lithium battery properly!


What steps can you take to use the battery safely and maximize its lifespan? Your electric scooter or electric bicycle is equipped with a lithium-ion battery. This is the same technology used for batteries in smartphones, electric cars or laptops. But what are the steps to follow to maintain your lithium battery and extend its life to the maximum?

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1 - Main reasons of premature deterioration of the battery:

• Overweight on your electric vehicle.
Each model of electric vehicle has a maximum load weight that must not be exceeded. This load weight is defined by the manufacturer and can be found in the operating instructions or in the product specification. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are over 75 Kg and have any doubts about the load weight of a product.
• Driving in heavy rain.
Electric vehicles are not submersible, and manufacturers reject any claims related to water infiltration. It is therefore preferable not to drive in rainy weather.
• Long storage without charging the battery.
The optimal long time storage of a lithium battery is in a dry place. It is recommended to charge the battery about 50% and recharge it for a short half hour every month in order to activate the cells.
• Accelerating without pushing the scooter.
In order to assist the electric scooter or electric bicycle when starting, it is advisable to give the vehicle a boost before accelerating with the throttle.
• Poor maintenance maintain your lithium battery.
It is absolutely essential to regularly check the pressure of the tires, the tightness of the screws as well as to apply grease to the mechanical parts which are subjected to strong vibrations.
• Storage in a wet, cold or hot place.
The environment in which you store and use your electric scooter or electric bicycle greatly influences the life and autonomy of your battery. Don't be surprised by the reduced range (up to -20%) when riding in cold or hot weather.


2 - How to charge your battery safely:

Please note that a Lithium-ion battery is a powerful electrical component. It should be charged under the constant supervision of an adult!

-Place the charger on a surface that is not flammable and away from flammable materials such as mattresses, rugs, curtains, etc. . .
-If there is a strange smell, strange noise, flashing of the charger bulb, smoke, or accidental exposure to water - you should immediately unplug the charger from the electrical outlet or turn off the electricity in the house. Put the product outside in an open place outside the building.
-Do not expose the batteries to a heat level that exceeds 45 degrees, you should not leave your product in a car parked in the sun.
-A scooter with corrosion, water damage or exposed to wet conditions is considered dangerous and unsuitable for use.
-Using a charger not sold with the product or not suitable for your product may cause a fire!
-In case of fire caused by battery or power supply, use sand or a dedicated fire extinguisher. Never use water!


3 - Tips for optimal charging:

-It is strongly recommended to charge the battery after each significant use. We do not recommend to completely drain the battery.
-Connect the charger to the electrical outlet first, then plug in the electric scooter, electric bicycle or electric unicycle.
-After use, it is recommended to wait 20 minutes before charging the battery so that it can cool down.

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4 - Conclusion :

maintain your lithium battery; Lithium-ion battery technology is now more than widespread in many everyday objects because it offers the best possible technical performance at a very competitive price. However, it is essential to follow simple rules of use in order to extend the life of the battery and use it safely. We also offer a repair service for electric scooters.
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