TOP 3 best electric mobility vehicles to travel around town.


Best electric mobility vehicles; As you know, traveling by car in the big cities of Switzerland is becoming more and more difficult. Cities are pushing citizens to use public transport by heavily taxing private cars and limiting access to parking in city centers. As a result, more and more commuters are turning to the public transport network to get to their different activities every day.

Well, thanks to new technologies a new era of quiet and environmentally friendly vehicles is in full swing. These best electric mobility vehicles run on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, the same as those used for hybrid cars. The technology is now mature and allows us to offer lightweight, reliable and affordable electric mobility products with very long range.


Knowing that most of us walk an average of 5 km per day in our daily journeys, the range of 15 km to 50 km that these devices now offer is more than sufficient.


The electric scooter :

The electric scooter in Switzerland is already visible everywhere! It is very easy to drive and is therefore accessible to all drivers over 14 years old.

The electric scooter for adults has two wheels attached to a platform and a handlebar. Usually, the electric motor is placed in one of the wheels, and the battery is located under the platform to give the electric scooter better balance.

The electric scooter is started with a simple push of the foot and pressure on the accelerator. The accelerator, also called a "throttle", to increase speed is attached to the handlebars.

All driving information such as speed or battery charge level is visible on a digital screen. To guarantee you good driving comfort, we select from our range of scooters equipped with at least one pneumatic tire or with a shock absorber system.

In order to comply with Swiss regulations, approved electric scooters must be equipped with lights and brakes at the front and at the rear. The maximum authorized speed in Switzerland is 20 km / h. The maximum range you will reach with your scooter will be between 15 km and 50 km depending on the model and your driving style.
Depending on the engine, the battery and the level of equipment required, the price of a good approved electric scooter for adults starts at around CHF 600, -. Read our blog article on the price of an electric scooter.

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The foldable electric bicycle:

For slightly longer trips or if you prefer a seated position, the electric bicycle is undoubtedly the vehicle to favor.

But the downside of the classic electric bicycle is that it is heavy and bulky. You have to park it outside so there is always a risk of damaging it or having it stolen. Not to mention the hassle to ride it if you live in an apartment.

In seconds, you can fold your electric bike and store it at home, in the basement or in your car trunk. Why not even take it with you on vacation in the car or motorhome?

If it's folded up and you have the protective cover, it's even free to take it with you on an SBB train.

The second big advantage is the removable battery. It is located under the seat of the electric bicycle and is protected by a key lock. You just need to unlock the padlock and pull out the battery to take it with you home or office to recharge.


The non-foldable electric bicycle or advanced electric scooter:

Non-foldable electric bicycle:

If you don't need to store your electric bike in an apartment or a small room. Then the folding function is not necessarily important for you. In this case we offer a wide range of electric bikes. We are particularly fond of FAT BIKES electric bikes with 20 inch tires.
They allow you to ride in all weather conditions and on all roads. A comfortable way to get around.

Advanced electric scooter:

The sports electric scooter is most of the time more powerful in terms of motorization and speed than what Swiss law allows. They are therefore often not approved for the road. Their use is therefore limited on private roads or on the road at the risk of being fined.
Driving these vehicles is obviously great fun. Some models exceed 5000 Watts and speeds of over 70 km / h such as the DUALTRON Thunder. Models with around 1000 Watts and 45 km / h top speed are already a real pleasure to drive as much on the road only in slightly off-road terrain.

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There's no point in running... instead, find the best electric mobility vehicles that best suits your needs. It will save you precious time every day while being fun, quiet and environmentally friendly. Electric scooter, foldable electric bike, find other reviews and many tips in our blog section.



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