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Do you know why electric scooters are so popular? This is because they are perfectly suited to urban travel! Quiet, easy to drive, light, fast, they have everything to please. Before you give in, you may be wondering about the range of these machines: how many kilometers can you ride on an electric scooter? Electric scooter range; What is the average lifespan of lithium-ion batteries? And how to properly maintain them?

Indeed, performance varies depending on the model. We therefore invite you to discover our classification of approved electric scooters with the best battery range: follow the guide!


1- INOKIM Quick 4 Super

Released at the end of 2020, this fourth version of the Quick model from the Inokim brand offers many improvements. Safety, comfort, but also performance: the Super version of this electric scooter has many advantages. In addition, its powerful 52 V / 16 Ah battery will allow you to easily reach a range of around 50 km between two charges. The bonus? This electric scooter also has an LCD screen, for unparalleled driving comfort!


2 - VSETT 8

Coming from a new generation of electric scooters from the manufacturer Zero, the VSETT 8 promises use in comfort and style. With its 48 V / 15.6 Ah battery, this scooter can reach up to 60 km in eco mode: a performance that is more than sufficient to overcome all your journeys. Recharging is also fast: count only 4 hours between two charges. Want to save time and charge your VSETT 8 faster? Then you will be delighted to learn that this model has two charging sockets!



The Ninebot Max G30D is a solid and high-end electric scooter from the Segway brand. This model has become very popular since its launch at the end of 2019, and for good reason: powerful, well thought out and pleasant, it also has a high capacity 36 V / 15.3 Ah battery. Thus, you can easily travel up to 65 km between two charges (allow about 6 hours to recharge your battery). Another important detail: the Ninebot Max G30D has two power systems. To recharge your scooter, you can either use the dedicated charger (external unit); or the internal charging circuit (via a classic three-pole cable), for easy charging!



This model is undoubtedly THE big winner of our ranking. Indeed, the autonomy of the Inmotion L9 can go up to… 80 km! Powerful, robust and usable in all weathers, this electric scooter is also comfortable. It has a 54V / 12.5 Ah IPX7 battery well protected against water. And, just like the VSETT 8 mentioned above, it also has two charging sockets - to save time! Electric scooter range. The Inmotion S1 will therefore be your favorite electric scooter to obtain excellent performance in terms of range.

To note : There are some models such as the INOKIM OXO or the DUALTRON Thunder 2 that can exceed 100 km of autonomy. However, these models are not road legal in Switzerland.

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Tips to improve the autonomy of your electric scooter:

Here are some tips to help you extend the life of lithium-ion batteries:
-After use, it is advisable not to charge your battery immediately: let it cool for about twenty minutes.
+Always use a charger suitable for your electric scooter
-Favor small charges and recharge your battery after each important use: do not wait until you have completely drained the battery.
+For long periods of non-use, it's best to keep your battery half-charged.
-Always plug your charger into the electrical outlet BEFORE plugging in your electric scooter, and never leave it charging unattended.
+Do not expose your batteries to temperatures exceeding 45 degrees: the ideal temperature is rather between 5 and 30 ° C.
-Be careful of moisture uptake or water damage when driving in heavy rain.

And to avoid having to worry about the autonomy of your electric scooter, why not equip yourself with two chargers? This will allow you to recharge it at the office during the day, before recharging it when you get home.
Note: only one charger is provided with purchase, order the second separately.
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Reminders on Swiss regulations:

Having become in a few years the stars of the big cities of Switzerland, the electric scooters must now be approved - like the models above - to be able to circulate on the roads of the country. Because safety must remain a priority! To comply with regulations, electric scooters must travel on cycle paths or on the road (sidewalks prohibited). They must also be equipped with brakes on both wheels, front / rear lights and a bell. In addition, the driving speed cannot exceed 20km / h, and the motor power must be maximum 500 watts.


There are many models of electric scooters (approved or not) with excellent range for your daily trips. Please feel free to browse our site and check out our blog section where you will find many other tips and advice. Our team is also at your disposal to help you choose the best model of electric scooter adapted to your use.



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