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Discover the compact and agile Mate X fordable electric bike. The powerful 250W BAFANG engine faces every challenge of your everyday life and leisure. The removable 48V / 17 Ah (816 Wh) battery is installed behind the vertical frame bar and enables you to reach 20 km/h without pedaling. Charge time of the battery is 6 hours. In conjunction with the extra wide 20-inch tires, the Mate X feels at home in any terrain. Whether in the city or in the forest, this unique vehicle is an eye-catcher! Available in four different colors: Desert Storm, Interstellar, Jet Grey, Dusty Army.

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Payment up to 12x
from CHF 1075 / month
Vitesse trotinette
25 Km/h
95 Km
29 Kg
250 W
25 deg

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Mate X FatBike
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Product description Mate X - Fat Bike 


The Mate X eBike is a design fat bike, powerful, but also extremely practical because it is foldable and the battery can be removed. With its 20-inch tires it is a real all-road electric bicycle.

1 - Technical characteristics:

The foldable electric bicycle Mate X is equipped with a BAFANG motor with an output of 250 watts in the rear wheel. With this motor you can reach a top speed of 25 km/h (thus the electric bicycle is road legal for Switzerland). As for the brakes, the Mate X has hydraulic disc brakes at the front and rear. The two brake levers are on the handlebars.

Lithium-ion battery 48 V / 17 Ah (816 Wh) with a range of up to 95 km (value tested with a driver of 75 kg on a flat stretch at an outside temperature of 20 ° C). The battery is located inside the frame and can be easily removed so you can charge it at home.

The load weight of this foldable electric bicycle must not exceed 140 kg with luggage.

2 - User guide:

How to assemble the e-bike upon delivery:

Don't worry, the Mate X electric bike is delivered fully assembled. You don't have to assemble anything. However, remember to fully charge the battery before using it for the first time.

Folding your Mate X Fat Bike:

To fold your Mate X Fat Bike, do the following in order.

1 - folding the pedals

The existing pedals on your Mate X can be folded to gain space. To fold the pedals, slide the pedals inward, then fold back against the crank axle.

2- Fold in the handlebar stem

Unlock the safety lock flap the lever down, press to toggle the stem.

3- folding the frame

Pull up the little lever and release the hinge. You hear the unlocking of the safety lock. You can then fold the frame. Note: It is not absolutely necessary to remove the battery during the folding process. However, the bike is lighter and therefore more convenient to transport.

How to start the Mate X:

The foldable electric bicycle is started by pressing the ON / OFF button for three seconds.

A ^ and a v button are then available to select your speed level.

There are five speed levels. Press and hold the ^ button until the screen turns on. This action also turns on the bike's headlights.

3 - Maintenance and Care:

How to maintain the battery:

In order to extend the service life of a lithium-ion battery, it is strongly recommended to keep the charge level of the battery between about 70% and 100%. Do not charge the battery when it is already full (do not leave it to charge overnight), and never discharge the battery completely.

When you charge your Mate X Fat Bike, it is essential that you connect the charger to the mains before you connect the electric bike. After using the bike, wait 20 minutes before charging the battery to allow it to cool down.

If you store the electric bicycle for several months, it is important not to fully charge the battery, but to store the foldable electric bicycle with a charge level of approx. 60%. Always store the e-bike in a place protected from moisture and at a temperature of at least 5 ° C.

General maintenance of the Mate X Fat Bike:

It is important to check the tightness of the screws very regularly, but at least once a month, as an electric bicycle is exposed to a lot of vibrations while riding. Remember to check the tire pressure regularly. With this model, it is advisable to inflate the tires to a pressure of 2.1 bar.

Your electric bike is cleaned with a damp cloth.


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