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Do you have a problem with your electric scooter bought on the internet or in a department store? Does the seller not provide you with reliable after-sales service? Do you want to replace the inner tube of your XIAOMI M365, change the tire of your XIAOMI M365 electric scooter, buy a charger for a NINEBOT ES, or get help repairing an electric scooter from another brand?
Repair service electric scooter; Contact us today to have your electric scooter repaired or checked.

Discover by following the link below our list of spare parts for electric scooters:

Spare parts for eScooters >


At KissMyWheels we are specialists in the sale and repair of electric scooters in Switzerland.

We mainly repair electrical failures, inner tubes and tires of the brands XIAOMI M365, E-TWOW, VMAX, INOKIM, EGRET, DUALTRON, KAABO. For other brands contact us before coming. Obviously there are many very low-end models for which spare parts are almost impossible to find. In this case, you may have to think about simply replacing it. You can try out all our models of electric scooters in our store. Read also our blog on how to properly maintain your lithium battery.


The most frequent repairs on the XIAOMI M365 electric scooter;

-Change the XIAOMI M365 inner tube
-Change the XIAOMI M365 tire
-Replace XIAOMI M365 controller
-Change the XIAOMI M365 cable cover
-Repair XIAOMI M365 rear fender
-Change the brake pads and disc XIAOMI M365
-Buy XIAOMI M365 charger

The most frequent repairs on the E-TWOW Booster electric scooter;

-Change the E-TWOW Booster tire
-Change the E-TWOW Booster controller
-Replace the E-TWOW Booster battery
-Change the E-TWOW Booster cable cover
-Change the E-TWOW Booster display
-Buy an E-TWOW Booster charger

The most frequent repairs on the INOKIM electric scooter;

-Change the INOKIM inner tube
-Change the INOKIM tire
-Replace the INOKIM controller
-Change the INOKIM rear mudguard
-Change the brake pads and the INOKIM disc
-Replace the INOKIM display
-Buy an INOKIM charger


Repair service electric scooter; Depending on the number of customers, we will repair the electric scooter as soon as possible, or send you an offer and a deadline if we need to order a special spare part. The time to change a XIAOMI M365 inner tube is about one hour. The replacement is done directly on site at our store.
Do you want to do a service on your electric scooter, change the brake pads, replace the tires, find spare parts or accessories? We are at your disposal every day of the week except Sunday.
We also have a wide range of accessories compatible with most brands of electric scooters such as bags, lights, padlocks, helmets,...

Discover by following the link below our list of accessories for electric scooters:
Accessories for eScooters >


Conclusion :

Don't panic if your electric scooter breaks down, just contact the KissMyWheels workshop and we'll try to resolve the issue for you.
Electric scooter, foldable electric bike, find other reviews and many tips in our blog section.
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