Electric scooter with seat: what are the advantages?


Did you know that some electric scooters can have a removable seat? Increasingly popular, the electric scooters are increasingly visible on Swiss roads. And for good reason. They not only make it possible to diversify driving positions (from standing to sitting), but also to gain in comfort. It is therefore mainly to meet this demand for comfort and practicality that electric scooter models with removable seats have appeared on the market.

Indeed, depending on the use of your electric scooter, adding a seat can be a real asset. This is especially true if your physical condition does not allow you to stand for long. Or if you regularly drive long distances.

In this article, find out more about electric scooters with removable seats and their many qualities!
Discovering electric scooters with seat


e scooter with seat


An electric scooter with a removable seat looks like a "normal" electric scooter: only the presence of this special seat gives it (necessarily) a different look. It combines the functions of a classic scooter, a bicycle and an electric scooter. Like electric scooters, this type of vehicle runs on a lithium-ion battery. Its power, autonomy and maneuverability will depend on its engine, battery and ergonomics. An electric scooter with a removable seat has several advantages:


Unlike a bicycle, an electric scooter with seat is easy to transport; Moreover, once the seat is removed and the scooter folded. It can easily be stored in small spaces at home, at the office, in a car trunk, etc ...



The presence of the removable seat, which can be easily removed, makes this type of scooter very convenient, because it adapts to the needs and constraints of everyday life. The seat can be assembled and disassembled in seconds, directly on the deck of the electric scooter. You can easily remove the seat whenever you want to make a trip without using it. Then put it back as soon as the need arises.



With a seat, the electric scooter is extremely comfortable: this is a real asset, especially for people who cannot stand for a long time. For example on a long trip. You can take advantage of the presence of the seat to sit down and rest. As the seats are adjustable, you can adjust the height for better comfort. In addition, the seats have a shock absorber to make driving even more pleasant.



The use of a seat is particularly interesting for all people who have difficulty getting around on foot for various reasons. Muscle pain, mild disability, etc. Moreover, for those who tend to use a wheelchair when traveling, it is quite possible to opt for an electric scooter with a seat. It will be much more practical, fast, light and economical than a wheelchair.


What are the essential criteria to take into account in order to choose the right electric scooter with seat?


The ergonomics and characteristics of the scooter

Take the time to learn about several elements of the electric scooter: the suspension system. The quality and size of the tires (inflatable or solid); type of brakes; the width of the handlebars and its height from the ground; or the size of his deck. Indeed, all these details will play a decisive role in your driving comfort when using your electric scooter with removable seat. Layout of the controls and the location of the motor are also factors that could influence the ergonomics of your scooter.


The weight

The weight of your electric scooter is also to be taken into account when making your purchase. If you plan to transport it regularly in public transport or if you often have stairs to climb, bet if possible on a fairly light model, or at least that won't weigh you down - whether you use it with or without the seat. Note that taking your electric scooter with you on public transport in Switzerland is completely free!
Our best electric scooters with seat

At KissMyWheels, we offer two electric scooters on which it is possible to put a seat: the INMOTION S1 and the INOKIM Quick 4 Super (seat usable on both the Quick 3 and Quick 4 versions). These two models are also part of our ranking of the best electric scooters of 2022!

We also offer adjustable seats for the NINEBOT G30D, XIAOMI M365 electric scooter (note that this model is suitable for both M365 and M365 Pro versions). Removable seats, which can be purchased separately, are shown on the accessories page.
Consult now the list of all our accessories for electric scooters: Accessories Page



The presence of a seat therefore makes it possible to move easily and comfortably on an electric scooter. A great asset for all those who - among others - would be afraid of tiring themselves by using their electric scooter for a long time while standing. We advise you to go to the store if possible in order to try several models, and thus be sure of your choice. Indeed, it is important that you can feel completely at ease on your electric scooter (whether you used with or without its removable seat).
Want to know more about electric scooters and models that can be fitted with seats? So don't hesitate to contact the KissMyWheels team! We will be happy to make you discover the advantages of this means of transport which is at the same time handy, economical and ecological. If you live in Switzerland near Geneva or Zurich, you can also try our different models during a test drive.



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