Lumos helmet in urban style with integrated LEDs, turn signals, brake lights, fully customizable matrix panel and many other functions. With its front and rear lights, the Lumos "Matrix" helmet offers style and functionality for riders who want a safe ride without compromising their urban lifestyle.

More safety through more light - bicycle helmet with light at the front and rear as well as brake light and turn signals. Whether general lighting, brake lights or turn signals, all of these signals are integrated in this ultimate urban bike helmet. This is ensured by the bright white LEDs in the front and the red LEDs on the back.

The Lumos helmet has a turn signal on both the right and left side. These are activated via a wireless remote control on the handlebar. The Lumos helmet is CE and EN1078 tested and corresponds to the European standard. The matrix is available as one size and can be individually adjusted 54-61 cm. Connect to the Lumos app to track your trips and share data with Apple Health or Google Fit.

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Product description HELMET MATRIX LUMOS 

Now is the time to shine with this Lumos Matrix helmet! With its front and rear lights, the Lumos "Matrix" helmet offers style and functionality for riders who want safe riding without compromising their urban lifestyle.

It represents the ultimate in terms of safety, this helmet is suitable for all means of transport (bicycle, scooter, mono-wheels, etc.). Connected, the dedicated applications will allow you to access the essential functions of your headset. Equipped with 99 LEDs broken down into 22 ultra-bright white LEDs on the front and the rear screen with its 77 ultra-bright LEDs, this LUMOS helmet has a light output of 1000 lumens: it will bring you maximum peace of mind when traveling !

You can also personalize the rear poster by putting a red triangle, dynamic red beam, ... When braking, the 77 rear LEDs light up to mark STOP, thanks to an integrated accelerometer that calculates and identifies the +/- rapid braking. The sensitivity of the accelerometer is adjusted according to the application of the LUMOS headset.

By activating the turn signals, the orange LEDs will light up and an arrow will appear on the rear screen to indicate your direction. The indicators are activated with a remote control very simply attached to the handlebars.

Up to 10 hours of battery in flashing mode, the case and the remote control are charged with a USB cable.

Available in one size, it will fit most adult heads.

The helmet is adjusted using a notched wheel. In addition, wearing a ponytail is made possible by the optimized design of the harness. The Lumos complies with European standards EN1078. 


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