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Of Canadian origin, the manufacturer of electric scooter APOLLO offers supercharged, robust electric scooters with a sleek design. Designed, developed and tested at the brand's headquarters in Montreal. Apollo scooters are increasingly recognized in the industry: as proof, many models have recently won awards.

Since the beginning of 2023, KissMyWheels has allowed you to ride the most acclaimed models of the APOLLO brand in Switzerland. Air, City (also available in Pro version) and Phantom.
Regenerative braking systems coupled with efficient batteries to drive 48 to 70 km depending on the model. Terribly effective suspensions; wide 10-inch tires offering great comfort; high capacity load weight (100 to 120 Kg)… These Apollo models all have unique specifications that make them particularly interesting. In a version approved for Swiss roads, these models are limited to 20 km/h. Each of them is also available in an unrestricted version.

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Do you live in Switzerland and are looking for a light but robust electric scooter? All for an excellent quality/price ratio? Then the Apollo Air is probably for you! Perfectly adapted to urban lifestyles, the Air model is the most affordable of the Apollo range sold at KissMyWheels. And thanks to its light weight (less than 18 kg), this model will also appeal to all commuters wanting an electric scooter that is easy to transport.

The Apollo Air also has a battery and a motor that offer the perfect power and autonomy for everyday use. With its 500 W motor, its unique regenerative braking system and its 36 V Lithium-Ion battery / 15 Ah equipped with 21700 cells. You can travel nearly 50 km on a single charge. And if you opt for an unbridled version (not approved for Switzerland), the Apollo Air will allow you to drive at a top speed of 33 km/h.

Bonus: this scooter also accepts a load weight of 120 kg maximum, and its IP66 standard makes it very waterproof. Practical for driving in all weathers!

Here you will find an unboxing video of the Apollo Air electric scooter



Designed to be your best everyday companion, the Apollo City is very compact. Indeed, its ease of folding and its fairly light weight for an electric scooter of this category (less than 26 kg) allows you to take it everywhere with you.

Awarded many times in 2022, the Apollo City has – like the other Apollo models by the way – the brand’s famous intelligent braking system, to be able to recover energy when using the brake. Coupled with a 48 V / 13.5 Ah Lithium-Ion battery, this will allow you to travel approximately 48 km in one go. In addition, this scooter has a 500 Watt motor, and displays a maximum load weight of 100 Kg. Also offering an exceptional waterproof standard (IP66), the Apollo City is perfect for driving on heavy rainy days. Want to move faster? So opt for the unbridled version of this model: you can then reach 43 km/h in top speed!

Note that this electric scooter also exists in a Pro version (not approved for Switzerland). The City Pro has dual motors, i.e. 500 W in each wheel – enough to display good performance on hills. In addition, it is equipped with a 48 V / 18 Ah Lithium-Ion battery, to travel nearly 60 km on a single charge. Its load weight is also improved: it will drive a person weighing up to 120 kg everywhere without difficulty.

Here you will find our unboxing video of the Apollo City electric scooter



Due to its advanced features and unique performance, the Apollo Phantom is primarily intended for advanced users. Indeed, it is an extremely sporty electric scooter: it has a range of up to 70 km, a powerful 60 V / 21 Ah Lithium-Ion battery, a robust 1400 W dual motor … And can even reach top speeds of 65 Km/h in unbridled version: breathtaking! With this model, long journeys are yours – or even uphill roads, since it can easily tackle slopes of up to 25 degrees.
The front and rear hydraulic brakes also have a regenerative braking system. In addition, with its patented four-spring suspension system (the Quadruple Spring System), this model guarantees you great driving comfort: it effectively absorbs all types of shocks. In addition, the scooter allows an exceptional load weight – up to 135 Kg! Finally, its control screen will allow you to access detailed driving data adapted to your needs.

As beautiful as it is tireless on all types of terrain, the Apollo Phantom will certainly not leave you indifferent!

Here you will find an unboxing video of the Apollo Phantom electric scooter

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