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The electric scooter is now on the way to become one of the preferred modes of transport for urban and active Swiss! In recent years, electric scooter Switzerland (“e-scooters”) have been booming in Swiss cities. And more particularly in Basel, Geneva, and Zürich. This means of transport is called soft mobility. has gradually made a place in our daily routine.


elektro scooter schweiz


Having become a means of locomotion, the electric scooter has indeed perfectly adapted to urban life and finds all its usefulness in large Swiss cities. Where cars are less and less welcome (taxes on private cars, rare parking spaces, prohibited areas, etc.). Following this trend, many models of electric scooters are now approved for Swiss roads. And therefore specially adapted for driving in cities such as Basel, Geneva, or Zürich.

You still hesitate to opt for this means of transport? Discover now some of the advantages that will convince you to use electric scooters in the Swiss cities!


Given its light weight and compact size, the electric scooter is easy to transport (from one floor to another, or between different modes of transport). It is also easy to store. No need to look for a parking space in Zürich anymore. No fear of theft and vandalism, because you can always find a small place for it at home or in the office!

Green and good for health

Quiet and more respectful of the environment than a car, the electric scooter also allows you to get some fresh air and avoid crowds. No more lack of space on the bus or tram! Finally, in these times of post-Covid, this mode of transport makes it possible to better comply with health rules and to move with complete peace of mind in the largest Swiss cities.
By using the tool below, you will be able to easily evaluate and compare the impact of your mode of transportation on your health and on the environment.

Easy to use

Very easy to drive, the electric scooter can be recharged easily and in just a few hours. In addition, by opting for an electric scooter in Zürich you will no longer feel the slopes that previously seemed too steep to climb by bike or on foot. The electric scooter will become your best friend!

Fast electric scooter

This fast mode of urban transport will allow you to cover distances that might otherwise be too long on foot in a flash or avoid complicated detours by car or public transport. Even better: if you choose to travel by electric scooter in Geneva for example. You can also control your time, since you will avoid the constraints related to traffic or parking. The assurance of arriving on time for all your appointments!

How to choose your electric scooter?

To comply with Swiss regulations and move around with confidence, choose a road legal electric scooter. It must be equipped with brakes on both wheels, lights at the front and rear as well as a doorbell. Driving speed is limited to 20km/h, and the motor power of an adult electric scooter must not exceed 500 watts.

On the other hand, being legally considered light motorcycles, e-scooters are subject to specific regulations in Switzerland. In Geneva and Zürich (as elsewhere in the country), electric scooters must follow the same road traffic rules as bicycles. Electric scooters can therefore be used on cycle paths or on the road. But not on sidewalks. On the legal age side, the owner of the electric scooter must be over 16 years old (or a category M license between 14 and 16 years old). And if the helmet is not mandatory, it is nevertheless highly recommended!

The ideal before opting for your electric scooter is therefore to be able to test different models and to get advice, to make the best choice. For example, if you want to ride an electric scooter in Lausanne and in the canton of Vaud. There the height difference can sometimes be important. We encourage you to choose a model with a powerful motor with at least 500 Watts.

Our teams are at your disposal to help you choose the best model of electric scooter that will accompany you on all your trips around Swiss cities.

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Lightweight, maneuverable, fast, pleasant, ecological… In conclusion, the many advantages of the electric scooter make it your best ally for all your urban trips in Switzerland. Do not hesitate to browse our site and consult our blog section to discover other tips and advice. But also many product reviews to help you choose between an electric scooter or a folding electric bicycle.


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