Electric scooter for the city?

Today we answer in this article this question often asked by our customers. Indeed, at a time when the cost of fuel is skyrocketing, the profile of electric scooter users is widening more and more. Electric scooter for the city

We have chosen to present four models that allow pleasant and safe urban and suburban use of this brilliant mode of transport, the electric scooter.

Of course if your trips involve a fairly high number of kilometers you will be attentive to the power of the engine and the amperage of the battery.

Thus in this article we will highlight models adapted for urban use and electric scooters whose profile is adapted to peri-urban use.


1 - Which electric scooters are most suitable for the city?

a) Light models

This is a bit of a no-brainer for most of our city customers. The expectations for the electric scooter are maneuverability and lightness. So you will appreciate the first models of Ninebot and VMAX. But also the Dualtron Super mini and the Inokim Quick 4.

Each of these scooters offers advantages in terms of driving comfort, quality braking and also suspension to enjoy smooth movement in urban areas. To go further, find here the light models of our range.


b) Foldable models

Most of the models we have just mentioned also have the essential advantage of being foldable. This feature is ideal for subsequent users. Commuters who exclusively use their scooter to go home and back to work. Those who are itinerant throughout the working day with many appointments. It is thus more serene for you to know that you can put your scooter in a corner without cluttering the place where you are. And finally if you have a small storage space at your home, or if your garage is already full of your DIY workshop and even a bicycle is struggling to be slid. A folded scooter can easily find its storage space.


c) With seat

This feature has several advantages. First, if you have a sore back. You will appreciate the possibility of sitting down at times, especially at a red light for example.

It is also a significant comfort if you have to make many trips over your days and weeks. Electric scooter for the city


2 - Which scooters for the road and the peri-urban environment?

Today with the evolution of urban planning and the development of housing estates on the outskirts of cities. The scooter is seen more and more elsewhere than in the city center. And this is good news for the transport budget of electric scooter users. And also for the environment. Each scooter thus represents one less car on our roads.


3 - The benefits of good engine power

Now for this type of use we definitely recommend that you opt for a higher engine power and battery life capacity than for the city alone. It is again the brands VSETT and Dualtron which hold the rope, with also Ninebot.

The middle and top of the range of the VSETT brand will offer you a wide choice of powerful engines. And a motor of 500 watts or more does not necessarily mean going at unreasonable speeds. If each model exists in an unbridled version. We strongly recommend the models with the mention Swiss Edition which corresponds to the Swiss homologation. That is to say with a maximum speed of 20 km/h.

The power of the engine guarantees you the possibility of a frank and dynamic acceleration at the slightest impulse on your part. Essential quality to get you out of problem situations on the road. Often also this type of model offers an alternation between different driving modes ranging from echo mode to sport mode. To either please you in terms of sensations, or to monitor battery consumption. Moreover, on these models you will benefit from an LED screen that gives you all the information you need to manage your driving.


4 - The benefits of good suspension and tires

You will benefit from a combination of high quality suspensions and tires with the models that we highlight here. The more you find yourself on roads that are further away from city centers, the more you will appreciate the maintenance of flexible and solid suspensions. Combined with tires of 10 inches and more. Depending on the model, you will have tires with or inner tube. Or also with a layer of gel completing the role of the shock absorbers to soften the irregularities of the road;

To this you can also add braking solutions which sometimes play a role in saving the battery to recharge it by capturing the energy generated by braking.

We can thus say that today the scooter has now started a turn as an alternative to the car. The field of action of this mode of transport is in the process of conquering an increasingly important space in and around cities.

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